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This week I attended the QME exhibition in Mackay which was a great opportunity to catch up with customers of our SuperiorWORK brand on the stand at the show grounds. This division of the Superior group delivers floating solutions and associated gangways and pipework to industrial clients. Having grown up on a farm near Mackay and spent time as a boilermaker at Newlands Coal many years ago, attending this show is always like coming home. The great thing is that we are able to add value to projects using our new flotation products specially designed for the mining industry, yet draw on the 25 years of experience from our marine division.

The show is bigger each time the bi annual event is held and the industry continues to provide leadership with workplace health and safety trends and innovative customer led new products. Impressive displays abounded however the Reed event could be improved with more signage including large printed numbers on the outside of each tent to show you which exhibits are inside that tent. Exhibitors and attendees waste a lot of time just finding their way around such a large show.

We launched the patented Razorback pipe clamp system at the show. This labour saving device allows the traditional concrete poured pipe sleeper to be eliminated and to have a premoulded base installed that can support the load or be concrete filled on site. A high visibility cover completes the product and locks the pipe in place.

We continue to gain great customer feedback at the shows as well as requests for new products. This feeds into our design led philosophy where we will desk top prototype the items and be guided by our customers to ensure we nail the concept, enrich the features and provide real winners in the field. This only happens when we work together to create smart products. We have already seen products with older life cycles become subject to strong competition from overseas. If we are to continue to provide quick turnaround times and local jobs, we must continue to innovate. We have engaged an industrial design team at Superior that makes this vision a reality however we are only ever as good as the feedback and relationships we have from customers.

We encourage you to participate is this user led design process to maintain Australian manufacturing expertise and to enrich the communities in which we live.

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Customer service

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I am writing this week as we have decided to go to the Sydney Boatshow with an exhibit similar to the major effort we do at Sanctuary Cove each year. This is an opportunity to interact better with our NSW based customers and show our wares. I am excited about our possibilities in this dynamic market right on the magnificent Sydney Harbour with a stunning display including the Sunstream 4.7 tonne Floatlift. We will exhibit our new range of sustainable products as well as be taking feedback on what customers want to see in future products.

The opportunity to make a difference is a great way to impact the marketplace to improve the ownership experience. I try to achieve this every day however I recently saw a great example that I would like to share. I have loved music ever since I first learnt the piano when I was very young. These days I still play guitar and recently I was reading about Bob Taylor from Taylor Guitars in California USA. He had a problem with the industry running short of a very scare resource, the wood used for the fingerboards. Have a look at the video on how he made a difference.

This is inspiring stuff and just as Bob has done we are working to improve our products from Superior in a similar way. Drop in at Sydney and tell us how you would like to see flotation products improved, or send me an email to attend one of our lunches specifically for customer feedback.
The next one is on August 10th on the Gold Coast and I am looking for volunteers right now. If you cannot be there in person we will Skype you in with our designers who are doing a great job.

Until we talk again.
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Welcome to the new web page

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I want to start this blog with a welcome to our new web page format. A big thank you is also in order to Ross, Shane, Dan and all the team that designed, coded, wrote, and gathered content to make this web page a useful tool.

The aim of the new look is to provide an improved customer focus where we strive to present the information as you need to see it, simply and straight forward. There is much less clutter as we know you like to speak to someone directly who has the knowledge you need. Therefore have a quick browse, find what you’re after and call us. This is all part of our ACE program to provide an Amazing Customer Experience.

To make the ACE program work we have been out doing customer interviews and this has yielded results. We are now using this feedback in product design and you will see the results of this in some exciting new products this year. An example is the launch of our Sunstream Boatlifts dealership at Sanctuary Cove International Boatshow. This was a result of finding the best in class product and realizing that customers in Australia would love this along with great Superior service. Together with Sunstream we make a great team and you the customer will benefit.

I have recently returned from the Middle East after visiting our projects in Seychelles, Bahrain and UAE and to visit our office in Abu Dhabi as well. We are building up this division and as such there is a position available now on seek.com

The jobs there are larger than in Australia and this is an interesting growth market. Our team there is just completing 2 fishing Harbours for the Ministry of Works in Bahrain using our SuperElite Aluminium system. It looks great and is a very durable product that will provide years of low maintenance service.

Also within the group at Superior the Mining and Industrial products team is now launching their products under the SuperiorWORK banner. They have a stand #6214 at QME in Mackay next week. Drop and and say hello as I will be on the stand. We will have the complete range of pipe floats there along with a brand new product which will save lots of time and money for anyone installing piping systems.

Enough of the product infomercials, I hear you say.

In conclusion, I hope to continue a regular contribution to this blog focusing on our interests in marine, industrial, mining and water based infrastructure. We know water and we are committed to use this knowledge wisely to provide sustainable solutions to support work, play and life.

John Hogan

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