NautiBuoy charms at SCIBS

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At this year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, Superior Jetties represented the award-winning NautiBuoy platform, which attracted much interest from superyacht crew, waterski and boating clubs, as well as boat owners.

NautiBuoy won the 2015 DAME- Design Award at METS trade show, particularly praised for its four years of R&D ahead of the current incarnation which is available in several sizes and two finishes to suit the leisure and maintenance markets.

The NautiBuoy inflatable platform features a patented modular air-toggle system and Velcro straps and has a wide range of uses: from a swim and sunbathing platform, to a jet-ski dock or as a sturdy base for carrying out essential maintenance tasks.

Nina Anderson and Clay Builder developed the platform to fill a gap they saw in the market during their time working as superyacht crew.

At SCIBS, I was joined by co-designer, Tim Endersby who told me NautiBuoy is enjoying worldwide popularity for its versatility and suitability to myriad applications.

“It’s soft, so it won’t damage boats, can be deployed quickly and deflated for easy stowage, and it’s robust for a long life span. Add to that a range of practical accessories such as a bucket, for champagne or suds, and innovative air toggles – inflatable tubes that can be used to link multiple NautiBuoys securely – and the appeal is limitless!”

Best of all, owners can save the cost of a NautiBuoy in damage repairs to the yacht from jetski impact in a single season.

The NautiBuoy comes in two finishes: teak and diamond, depending on its application and the owner’s aesthetics, and both high quality PVC and heavy duty Hypalon. Delivery time from order is approximately eight weeks.

Also on water, the Waterscape by Superior pontoon was the central part of the Northrop & Johnson stand, hosting VIP events adjacent to its luxury charter yacht display. Lit up at night, and decked out with Waterscape-branded furniture, Waterscape was a tranquil and social hub for networking.


Pontoons – the gateway to the aquatic lifestyle

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Waterfront property has always been a great investment with these property prices outperforming other sites as the prime location demands a premium.  The asset is enhanced by adding floating pontoons to increase the amenity and add substantial value.  We asked a couple of recent clients for their impression of the product offering.

Brisbane client, Brad Davis, says it’s no exaggeration to say he has “pontoon possessiveness”. Rebuilt after the floods of 2011 swept away the original, the 10m x 3.5m pontoon at his rental property at Westlake on Brisbane River is not just a practical lifestyle platform, it’s a major residential asset.

“It adds to the prestige of the property and the rent I can charge, but more importantly, having a pontoon adds at least $250,000 in value to my property,” he states, “And that’s a conservative estimate.”

Brad cites Brisbane Council policy since the flood disaster, which makes getting approval to add a pontoon close to impossible. “Those homes that had pontoons which were damaged or destroyed had a few years to replace them. But now, the Council has a ban on waterfront structures within 15km of the CBD. There’s a 10m buffer zone.”

Brad is exceptionally happy with his new Superior pontoon – the quality, design, construction, quick installation and price.

For Brad’s tenants, the pontoon is the ideal location for fishing and enjoying their riverside pad. He adds “if they had a boat or jetskis, they’d be doing that too!”

At Hope Island, Ian Furber and his family are using their 8m x 3m pontoon as the shooting off point for their Sea-Doo, which they use each weekend to explore the Broadwater and beyond.

With his wife and two kids, aged two and five, Ian jets off to Couran Cove for breakfast or Tipplers – a lifestyle that lured him down from Brisbane some 15 years ago.

While the kids are young, all four of us fit on the Sea-Doo. They love it! It’s like being on holidays every day! We use the pontoon for docking our jetski and kayaks. It came up really well. We are very happy with the quality. It’s a really good product. The only thing I would change is that it’s something we should have done years ago.

Boating in the Australia is growing with over 850,000 registered boats and it is a great way for families to recreate together.  These activities encourage intergenerational bonds that last a lifetime. A common trend we see is if your boat is berthed at your property you will simply use that boat more due to its ease of access.


Making more of marina space

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Last week, Nicole Stewart and I were lucky enough to get a tour of the new 240-berth drystack facility at East Coast Marina, Manly Boat Harbour, Brisbane – the largest boat harbour facility in the Southern Hemisphere.

Marina manager, Steve Newbury gave us a tour of the facility which is 80% full and filling up.  The drystack storage accommodates vessels up to 10m, perfectly complementing the 365 wet slips also on offer.

This is an industry-leading approach to boat storage, given the trend towards larger boats and Australia’s push to attract superyachts to our waters. Drystack storage frees up on water space to allow marinas to create the larger berths required to accommodate the migrating southern fleet and visiting superyachts, and enjoy the added revenue they bring.

East Coast Marina is a vibrant boating hub. Its coffee shop, car park and gardens all combine to make it a real gem, whether for boating or visiting for a casual coffee or lunch.

The drystack walls have a unique architectural finish that catches the eye and breaks up the weather without giving the totally boxed in look to the property.

Storage rates include unlimited lift in and lift out, hull wash down and engine flush after each use and complimentary use of maintenance cradles for occasional maintenance. For the client, drystack storage means more security, less maintenance and no hassle of trailer launching and retrieval.

East Coast Marina was the first marina in Queensland to gain full Clean Marina Status in 2006 and with the new drystack storage facility, this continues the marina’s commitment to an innovative, cutting-edge environmental approach.

East Coast Marina’s focus is on reducing our environmental footprint in the most sustainable model possible. They harvest rain-water for boat washing, motor flushing and landscape irrigation. Sewerage pump out and disposal, and grey water recovery and treatment systems are also provided.

There is a video of the site at:


Superior victory for Ironman Series

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Superior engineered and built a pontoon for the International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Triathlon Series.

The custom-designed pontoon, 65m x 3m, was built to the specific requirements of the International Triathlon Union, to suit its preferred, upgraded course, comprising a deepwater start instead of a standard beach start.

The event schedule included the Jewel ITU World Triathlon Gold Coast on Saturday 9 April and Jewel Gold Coast Triathlon – Luke Harrop Memorial on Sunday 10 April. Around 70 of the world’s top triathletes competed over the weekend, intent on securing their place on ahead of the Rio Olympic Games.

The pontoon was a built with a ramp for competitors to swim in, gain grip and exit the water. It comprises Superior’s proprietary quick-connect UMD system, joined together to form the 65m x 3m platform, complete with signage, POV cameras and space for media and officials.

Locally, it was a key event in the lead up to the 2018 WTS Grand Final and the 2018 Commonwealth Games, both of which will use this impressive pontoon as a key piece of equipment.

Feedback from the International Triathlon Series was that it was “a world’s best swim platform” and took the event to the “next level” in terms of challenge, format and broadcast coverage. Superior was proud to work closely with the ITS on this significant international project and deliver on time and to budget.


Enhancing the Gold Coast waterways

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The Gold Coast Waterways Authority has been a quiet achiever since it was established in 2012 with the mandate to “Sustain, Enhance and Promote” the Gold Coast’s most significant natural asset.

Led by CEO, Hal Morris the GCWA has a budget of $30 million and a 10 year strategy aimed at improving access to our waterways through channel maintenance such as dredging and providing waterways destinations.

In the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the work of the GCWA will become crucial, driven by organisers and stakeholders who believe the Broadwater and waterways will be as important to the Commonwealth Games as Sydney Harbour was to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Recently, we were among a cross section of stakeholders surveyed in the GCWA Statutory Review, conducted by an independent company to ascertain the effectiveness of its work. As boat owners, residents and avid users of the Gold Coast waterways we were happy to provide feedback on the improved access, the continuing health of the waterways, and a budget used wisely.

Results are expected this month, but by all accounts, it has been unanimously positive. This is largely due to Hal Morris and his dedicated team with the vision, nous and experience gained from backgrounds in government and private enterprise.

I recently spoke with Hal and the team at GCWA about the objectives for 2016 and they identified: Channel Maintenance works at Cabbage Tree Point, Jacobs Well, Tipplers Passage, North Channel, South Channel and South Wavebreak Island and Biggera Creek.

Also on the list of priorities are upgrades to the Seaway Kiosk, Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 boat ramp and floating walkway, Surfers Riverside River Edge Treatment, Major Navigation Aids Maintenance project throughout waterways network, Tipplers Passage Infrastructure upgrades, and the Coomera Dredge Sediment Management Facility.

The majority of this work is accessible to all residents and visitors to the Gold Coast, whether boaties on the water or day trippers by the water. Queensland governments past and present should be congratulated for their recognition of the worth, in terms of tourism and intrinsic value to the aquatic lifestyle we enjoy on the Gold Coast.


The Waterways Management Program 2015-2019 is available at

Hal Morris CEO GC Waterways Authority



6 Metre Tinnie Boat Lift by Superior Jetties

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Meet the new 6 metre tinnie lift from Superior Jetties, this boat lift is designed for small tinnies or RIBS up to 6 metres and uses no moving parts therefore gaining life expectancy. Made from Rotomoulded plastic using our UMD modules gives this product great strength and reliability. To find out more contact our sales team on 07 5594 8200



Queensland Ballet’s Superior warm up for BLEACH

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Performers from the Queensland Ballet took to a Superior Elite pontoon at Sovereign Islands on Friday for a rehearsal ahead of the debut performance of “Shifting Sands”, part of this year’s BLEACH Festival, 4 to 20 March.

Shifting Sands is an original creation on the GC by GC artists, performers and locals, specifically for the GC.

Focusing on the significance of Currumbin Estuary and surrounding beach, the multimedia event involves a cast of 60, plus five talented “pups on SUPS”, and a stunning performance by the Queensland Ballet, as well as subtle soundscapes, kayaks, life savers, dragon boats, synchronised swimmers, circus and dance, all accompanied by narration from local voices and the sounds of accomplished songwriter and instrumentalist, Bobby Alu.

The world premiere of Shifting Sands is a free, outdoor extravaganza, unlike anything the Gold Coast has ever seen, supported – quite literally – by Superior Jetties.

Superior’s Elite pontoon will provide the stage, while the sand of the creek banks will form the seating and the surrounding vantage points are the perfect natural auditorium for large audiences.

The Superior pontoon, the only fixed point in a performance, will extend the performers’  usable space and represent how man-made structures, like the natural landscape, have an important role to play.

Artistic Director Louise Bezzina and Creative director Donna Jackson have collaborated with internationally acclaimed choreographer, Amy Hollingsworth of the Queensland Ballet.

With all of the great input from so many people the show always seemed to be somewhat of a leap of faith. Our sponsorship involves providing a stable stage that is functional, safe, discrete.  It needed to be solid yet blend into the surroundings so that it did not steal the limelight.

With these thoughts we set about a custom solution that provides a 12m x 6m solid deck weighing over 25 Tonnes.  At the back of house we are installing the UMD modules to allow for access by boats, SUP, kayaks and more during the performance.

Even with all these plans the real test was for the actual stars from the Queensland Ballet along with their Ballet Mistress and Creative Director, Amy Hollingsworth to dance on a Superior Jetties Elite pontoon.

They had to prove the concept and check for stability, so the entire company rushed to one side of the unit to determine if they needed to modify their choreography due to any limitations of this new surface.

It was much more than a walk over! The boom box provided amazing music and the dancers took to their “stage”. When a male dancer tossed a female performer 5 metres into the air upside down, I realised ‘We are in Show Business!’

The Superior Elite pontoon, part of The Boutique Boat Company on Sovereign Island, stood up to all tests.

We owe a big thanks to Hugh and the team at The Boutique Boat Company on Sovereign Island. They have great examples of our pontoons there which they use to float vehicles during their legendary shows.

Shifting Sands will be something really special and no matter where your touch point is from nature, water, art, culture or just a night out at the beach, it is not to be missed, 12 and 13 March at Currumbin Estuary.


Rotomoulded Stand Up Paddle Board SUP

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The Superior Watersports board was designed by Australian surfing legend Dave Verral and is made from 100% Australian materials and labour. The board is ideal for the beginner to intermediate level rider as with its large beam it is easier to ride. The Superior SUP features a large deck grip area for easy movement around the board and a front cargo net and rear waterproof locker for stowage.

Boards Specs:

  • Length: 10’2 Ft/In – 3.1m
  • Width: 31’4 In – 0.8m
  • Height: 4.3 In – 0.11m
  • Weight: 17 Kg
  • Capacity: 110 KG – 242 lbs

Board Features:

  • High U.V Stability
  • Very High Impact Strength
  • Cargo Storage Net
  • Moulded Carry Handle
  • Non Slip Deck Grip
  • Dry Storage Locker
  • Leg Rope Insert
  • Aluminium Paddle (Standard)

Buy online here

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