Evolving technologies in the Marine & Boating Industries

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It is fair enough to say that technology has never been evolving faster than it is today, with companies and governments continually in the search for more efficient, time saving, or cost effective solutions.

This is particularly true in the marine and boating industries where such as large number of innovations and breakthroughs happen every year in every field (hydrodynamics, engine efficiency and so on).

For instance, just this month, Yamaha has released a new four stroke 200hp outboard that is lighter, quieter and more compact and powerful than its previous products. Meanwhile, Suzuki has been busy also releasing its own technology packed four stroke outboard engine that is also quieter and more fuel efficient.

Also worth mentioning is the newly announced winner of the DAME awards at the 2012 METS Conference in Amsterdam, which rewards the most innovative designs of the exhibition.  This year, the award went to Torqueedo’s Deep blue large electric outboard, which combines two technologies: a large outboard engine and electric motor for cleaner and more economical boating. And this is only a snippet of the myriads of innovations being developed, confirming that indeed, marine technology evolves very quickly.

In the meantime, it can be a bit overwhelming for consumers to go through the large number of different offers, as competition between organisations can be quite fierce.

However, as a consumer it is useful, if not crucial to have general guidelines to help one make the right buying decision, especially if it involves big costs. In that respect, I believe that some of the most important aspects to take into consideration are user friendliness, ease of installation, ease of maintenance and respect of the environment.

Here at Superior, we are quite aware of these values. In every one of us is a boating, fishing or marine enthusiast, which allows us to come from a place where we can view our products and services the same way the people who come to us do.

More to that we constantly strive to enhance and go beyond these values.

As technologies evolve for the better, so do we at Superior.


2012 METS Conference in Amsterdam

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From tomorrow, Tuesday the 13th of November, the METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) conference will be on until Thursday the 15th at the RAI Complex in Amsterdam. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, this event is internationally renowned as the world’s largest exhibition of equipment, material and systems for the international marine leisure industry. It will see over 1,300 exhibitors from over 39 countries and 19,000 professionals from over 96 countries gather to exchange, network and learn from one another during this exceptional event.

It is literally a melting pot for the international marine industry as attendees will be able to make themselves aware of thousands of new and innovative award winning products. A large array of propulsion, navigation, engine management, electronics and hydraulic systems as well as insulation, lighting and safety equipment will readily be on display. More to that it is an excellent platform for innovation and to talk to people behind the product; the people responsible for emerging marine trends.

An expanded SuperYacht Pavilion will be in place as well as the prestigious Dame Awards which recognises the best designs for products at the exhibition and helps raising money for charity. Being a finalist in 2009, Superior will be entering again next year with an exciting new product.

Furthermore, a wide array of workshops and seminars will take place during the three days with topics ranging from hybrid marine propulsion to mitigation of noise problems on boats.

The Superior stand will also have representatives from our China, Middle East and Australian offices answering your questions and assisting you with your enquiries. If you’re visiting METS this year, please come and see us  at booth 828 in Hall 11 in the Australian Pavilion. Preregistration for the event is indeed advisable and can be done here.


Gold Coast International Marine Expo a Success

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For the second time around the Gold Coast International Marine Expo has delighted the public over the weekend at the Gold Coast City Marina with the number of attendees to be released but estimated to be over 20,000, and more than 200 exhibitors displaying and demonstrating  the best products and services that the Marine industry has to offer. And what a feast it was for the eyes of boating and marine enthusiasts. The Expo also featured amazing daily performances from the RAAF Roulettes, sharing with us the thrill and adrenaline of their spectacular aerobatics on board of their red Pilatus PC-9/A aircrafts. 

More to that, the Monaco Aces Jet Pack Team also pushed the limits of gravity thanks to their incredible water powered jet pack, drawing clamour from the crowd massed on the riverbank next to the Superior stand.

The Superior Team had a blast and our stand was very popular thanks to our Jet Ski docks, boat lifts and SUP paddle boards displayed on land and on the water. We have been busy catering for the attendees who were delighted by the ease of use and installation of our products.

The Club Marine Shipyard Party on Saturday night was also a great way to kick back, have a drink and mingle with the exhibitors and public attendees all the while enjoying live music, a great atmosphere and of course the fireworks. Big thanks to anyone who participated to the art auction and helped raise money for charity.

A special thank you to Richie who included our SUP in the Jet Lev demonstrations on Saturday, the Leigh-Smith Team for their awesome event planning, the Gold Coast City Marina for hosting yet another spectacular and entertaining show and all the attendees who made this event a celebration of the Marine industry. We certainly hope to see everyone again next year.


Gold Coast International Marine Expo

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This Friday 2nd of November, the second annual Gold Coast Marine Expo kicks off at the Gold Coast City Marina, Coomera. The three day event wraps up on Sunday and is held at Australia’s largest boat manufacturing plants and shipyard facility.

Dubbed “The Working Boat Show”, the Expo’s main focus is to provide a non-for-profit event to the greater community, organised by the industry for the industry. The show is a little different than most boat shows. Sure you can still see some spectacular vessels as it has adopted an international reputation with brands from all aver the world exhibiting, however it also educates the public about many different facets of the boating industry.

A lot of planning by the Leigh-Smith Team has gone into this event and it’s guaranteed to e bigger and better than last year. RAAF Roulettes will be performing daily, on-water exhibitions and more than 200 marine brands will be on display. Exciting demonstrations such as the Yamaha Supertank Travelling Fishing Show (giving you an insight of the underwater world seen throughout the eyes of a fish) and how to provide maintenance for your vessel’s steering systems workshops are just two examples of the diverse activities that will delight the whole family during this exceptional event. A family focused Saturday night Club Marine Shipyard party will be hosted as well to further cater for grown ups and small ones.

Superior will be supporting the Show this year and we will be installing about 40 metres of our Capri pontoon system for additional on-water exhibitor space. Additionally, we have planned an exciting array of land and water displays with Jet Ski docks, pontoons, SUP’s and Sunstream Boat Lifts. This guarantees to be entertaining, as there will be regular demonstrations of our products all day long. Preparations are well on the way, as we want to repeat the success of last year and offer visitors an exceptional experience.

So come down and say hi to the Superior Team; it’s free parking and entry all three days and the show is open 9am-5pm daily. We look forward to another great Expo and we’re sure you and the family will have a great day out.


Boat shows or Boat sales?

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The topic for this week’s blog refers to a favourite saying from Mark at Superior whenever we are at a Boatshow. His point is that we are there to do a complete job not just to “show” boats and associated equipment. This means we tell people all about the joys of boating and how families can benefit from this. Once people understand the whole experience, then an opportunity may exist to supply our products. The lesson is to amaze our customers with the service and information first, then things can happen if the value proposition is correct.

This week we are preparing to support a couple of great upcoming shows. The Gold Coast International Marine Expo is on November 2nd to 4th, and Superior is assisting with berthing for the on water display. Superior Jetties will also have a display on land and water with ski docks, pontoons, SUPs and Sunstream Boat Lifts.
The organisers have pulled off a major coup with the Roulettes air display on at the show, so come on out and experience all the marine industry has to offer. It will be entertaining.

The next show we sponsor is the Marine13 conference in Sydney next year from April 28th to 30th, 2013. This promises to be a great event with a complete offering never seen before in Australia. The event will have all of the peak industry organisations joining together for the first time to present one big conference with many sub streams of interest provided. The national marina body MIA will be there as well as BIAA which represents every boating association, as well as the marine safety organisations. As well as great networking and genuine industry information there are also new awards being presented. The Australian Marina Awards have been expanded now to 12 categories and there is now one for marina construction.

Some of the event details have been released now with guest speakers being added.

There are still exhibitor spaces open and this is a real opportunity to cover all the players in one venue.

There are also tours planned for international visitors to attend after the conference such as marinas on Sydney Harbour.

These events are the opportunity to interact with our customers and we look forward to seeing you there.


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