The Superior team is busy delivering a marina for Portland, Victoria at the moment. This project gave us the opportunity to add another improvement to the product range with a custom designed services pit system. This is no ordinary pit as it was designed and executed by the whole team. The layout provides more internal space to handle larger cables and pipes and the aluminium mould was machined on the in-house CNC to allow smooth edges that limit concrete stresses. The mould also allows for reinforcing bolts to be screwed into the metal inserts in the plastic walls, thus strengthening the entire structure.

The pit lid was designed by Monkeypuzzle and has a tasteful non slip surface with easy access for servicing. We believe this unit has wide appeal for all concrete pit applications and will be made available to wider industry applications through the SuperiorWORK brand.

This whole unit was designed, drawn, CNC Machined, fabricated and rotomoulded within 2 weeks by the dedicated Superior team. This is an admirable effort to replace an outmoded design with new improved outcomes. The new pits use recyclable polyethylene to replace the old Aluminium versions. This initiative reduces our carbon footprint, boosts productivity, improves functionality for customers and proves once again the can do attitude at Superior. I am proud of the whole team the way they make these feats seem easy.

Here is a photo of a few of the crew with the new color matched pits. On the left Wayne Greenwell right Ram Raghuraman.



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John Hogan