Evolving technologies in the Marine & Boating Industries

It is fair enough to say that technology has never been evolving faster than it is today, with companies and governments continually in the search for more efficient, time saving, or cost effective solutions.

This is particularly true in the marine and boating industries where such as large number of innovations and breakthroughs happen every year in every field (hydrodynamics, engine efficiency and so on).

For instance, just this month, Yamaha has released a new four stroke 200hp outboard that is lighter, quieter and more compact and powerful than its previous products. Meanwhile, Suzuki has been busy also releasing its own technology packed four stroke outboard engine that is also quieter and more fuel efficient.

Also worth mentioning is the newly announced winner of the DAME awards at the 2012 METS Conference in Amsterdam, which rewards the most innovative designs of the exhibition.  This year, the award went to Torqueedo’s Deep blue large electric outboard, which combines two technologies: a large outboard engine and electric motor for cleaner and more economical boating. And this is only a snippet of the myriads of innovations being developed, confirming that indeed, marine technology evolves very quickly.

In the meantime, it can be a bit overwhelming for consumers to go through the large number of different offers, as competition between organisations can be quite fierce.

However, as a consumer it is useful, if not crucial to have general guidelines to help one make the right buying decision, especially if it involves big costs. In that respect, I believe that some of the most important aspects to take into consideration are user friendliness, ease of installation, ease of maintenance and respect of the environment.

Here at Superior, we are quite aware of these values. In every one of us is a boating, fishing or marine enthusiast, which allows us to come from a place where we can view our products and services the same way the people who come to us do.

More to that we constantly strive to enhance and go beyond these values.

As technologies evolve for the better, so do we at Superior.

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JG de Gaillande

JG de Gaillande

Evolving technologies in the Marine & Boating Industries

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