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For those of us that enjoy boating the revolution in marine technology has made boating much easier and safer. The range is staggering and a blog would never start to cover it, so here a couple of favourites that are inexpensive or free.

First up is the App easily downloaded called Shralp Tide (search app store on your phone). This free app has the tide information for sites all over the world for a period of 5 days out, there are a number of tide apps and here is a list of the top apps currently on iPhone. The high and low times are provided with another graphical feature included when you turn the phone or tablet sideways. This feature allows you to answer questions such as what is the latest time tomorrow that I will have sufficient air draft under a bridge. Such accurate data is invaluable to ensure a trouble free boating experience, where a relaxed informed skipper can focus on the enjoyment factor rather than the stress factor.

My other favourite is Navionics. While this does have a cost of $21.99 to download the maps, the value when planning any voyage is immediately obvious. We see professional skippers using this software so it must be good. Even with the excellent dash mounted system, having a tablet based backup with the entire voyage tracking as well is a real comfort.

The next great app we constantly use in our line of work is Australian Boat Ramp Finder at a cost of just $2.49 it gives you great information on boat ramps Australia wide and also gives you the option to add your favourite local ramp that may not be listed yet for others to share around you.

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