NautiBuoy charms at SCIBS

Nautibuoy inflatable platform

At this year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, Superior Jetties represented the award-winning NautiBuoy platform, which attracted much interest from superyacht crew, waterski and boating clubs, as well as boat owners.

NautiBuoy won the 2015 DAME- Design Award at METS trade show, particularly praised for its four years of R&D ahead of the current incarnation which is available in several sizes and two finishes to suit the leisure and maintenance markets.

The NautiBuoy inflatable platform features a patented modular air-toggle system and Velcro straps and has a wide range of uses: from a swim and sunbathing platform, to a jet-ski dock or as a sturdy base for carrying out essential maintenance tasks.

Nina Anderson and Clay Builder developed the platform to fill a gap they saw in the market during their time working as superyacht crew.

At SCIBS, I was joined by co-designer, Tim Endersby who told me NautiBuoy is enjoying worldwide popularity for its versatility and suitability to myriad applications.

“It’s soft, so it won’t damage boats, can be deployed quickly and deflated for easy stowage, and it’s robust for a long life span. Add to that a range of practical accessories such as a bucket, for champagne or suds, and innovative air toggles – inflatable tubes that can be used to link multiple NautiBuoys securely – and the appeal is limitless!”

Best of all, owners can save the cost of a NautiBuoy in damage repairs to the yacht from jetski impact in a single season.

The NautiBuoy comes in two finishes: teak and diamond, depending on its application and the owner’s aesthetics, and both high quality PVC and heavy duty Hypalon. Delivery time from order is approximately eight weeks.

Also on water, the Waterscape by Superior pontoon was the central part of the Northrop & Johnson stand, hosting VIP events adjacent to its luxury charter yacht display. Lit up at night, and decked out with Waterscape-branded furniture, Waterscape was a tranquil and social hub for networking.


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