2018 marks 30 years of operation for Superior Jetties®.

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For 30 years Superior has been providing high quality flotation and industrial products to a variety of industries throughout Australia and internationally.

To review the last 30 years, we have decided to gather a few images that reflect the pursuit of personalised customer service, industry leading innovation and ‘turnkey’ products and services. We have always tried to live up to our brand values of trust, creative imagination, personal service and exceptional results.

John Hogan, CEO of Superior Jetties recently spoke about his pride in the team in reaching 30 years of operation. “This is truly a credit to the wonderful people who always make it happen at Superior. Joint partnerships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders have been critical to making Superior a Gold Coast success story since 1988.”

“30 years is a solid milestone and calls for a celebration” John said.

Not only in Australia but in the international arena, Superior has witnessed great change, and in some instances, been the facilitator of changes within the industry.

From the engineering of unique flotation devices for industrial use; the award-winning Waterscape entertainment platform, to the market leading Super Elite reinforced concrete pontoon system, Superior has responded to customers’ needs and produced the results.” John said.

“We believe that Superior has facilitated an expectation of high standards within the industry in Australia, which has led to increasing demand for our products and services internationally.”

In celebration of Superior’s 30 year milestone, we are showing images of projects completed over the years.

We welcome any further images from stakeholders, which will be displayed at SCIBS in May.




Abell Point Marina restoration on time, on budget!

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This week marks the completion of the on-water restoration project at Abell Point Marina in the wake of the Tropical Cyclone Debbie. In the immediate aftermath, 20% of the on-water berthing at Abell Point was damage amounting to approximately 120 berths in this 507-wet berth marina. In a coordinated effort between Superior Jetties, CGU Insurance and Oceanic Marine Risk, the restoration works commenced 3 April, a mere five days after the cyclone passed over the Whitsundays.

In the initial stages of the project a team of volunteers from BIA (Boating Industry Australia) Queensland, arrived on-site to assist with the make-safe stage of the restoration project. Experienced marine trades personnel from marina managers, to pontoon specialists arrived on-site, including representatives from Superior Jetties to offer support and assist with commencing repair works.

Within days a temporary walkway for L Arm and the marina’s fuel dock was fitted, and by week six the walkway had been replaced for new.

With considerable coordination between the Superior Jetties and marina team, commercial operators and private vessels were relocated to the south marina for the pontoon replacement works to commence. Abell Point Marina is the busiest commercial marina in the region and with the Whitsunday region being so reliant on the tourism sector, a priority for the project was to ensure minimal disruption to the marina’s on-water tourism operations whilst the repair works commenced.

Superior Jetties, Project Manager, Ryan Hogan remarked of the project, “This project has been the culmination of our team down south working some very long hours to produce a fantastic product; and outstanding subcontractors who went above and beyond to get the marina operational again. It’s been a real pleasure to work in North Queensland again and with a client that’s dedicated to running a truly world class marina. This has definitely been the best project team I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

From initial damage assessment, to temporary repairs around the marina, from demolition of debris to piling works and the manufacture/ transportation and installation of the new arms – H/ J/ K/ F/ G and A – the team coordinated by Superior Jetties worked tirelessly to restore the marina to 100% capacity. Mr Hogan goes on to give a special mention to services provided throughout the project by Orca Marine Services, Proserpine Electrical, Whitsunday Drainage Contractors and Pacific Marine Group.

With a busy cruising season scheduled, the launch of a new Abell Point Flight Collection from the marina’s heli-pads and the opening of their floating customer lounge Ocean Club, the timing of the project completion was essential to ensure business as usual. To round off a challenging year and give cause for celebration, Abell Point Marina took out the coveted Marina of the Year Award at the Marine17 conference in August.

Luke McCaul, General Manager, Abell Point Marina explains “To have the pontoons replaced and operational in time for our cruising season was essential for the marina, but also for the region. The Whitsundays has bounced back from this weather event in record time and the natural environment around the islands is following suit.” Mr McCaul goes on to say “The start of the year was a challenging time for the marina team including our valued operators and tenants, but the future is looking bright and the completion of the project on time and on budget is a credit to the hard work and commitment of the team, our contractors and our relationship with our insurers.”

The entire restoration project has been captured by Superior Jetties in short video


Superior Edge Series

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Superior offers a variety of manufactured handrails to meet client needs with its new Edge™ Handrail System. Edge is an efficient edge protection solution where resistance to harsh elements is required.

The Edge™ safety handrail system is custom manufactured to be added to any flotation or land based project and is available in three options –

Edge I – For UMD based floating modules and available with end caps to allow articulation every 3 metres, and end caps that allow passing without a pinch point. Top, mid and kick rails are available options.

Edge II – Manufactured using rotomoulded stanchions to support 8 horizontal pipe rails, the Edge II provides not only a cost effective solution but one that is also very aesthetically appealing. Manufactured using high UV resistant polyethylene which is available in a range of either hi-vis or decorative colours.

Edge III – This is a standard vertical handrail system with top, middle and kick plate rails complete with end cap option. The reinforced baseplate will attach to any flat surface.

Learn more about the Edge here


Broadwater Parklands Stage 3

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Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 continues the master plan vision for Broadwater Parklands. The $10.5 million project which is a partnership between City of Gold Coast and Gold Coast Waterways Authority, including Superior Jetties provide:

Three hectares of reclaimed land for community parklands and events space with shared facilities for the Southport Amateur Fishing Club and community use.
Superior Jetties built a new regional four lane boat ramp facility with car and trailer parking plus a 30 metre landing pontoon. Plus the new dredging has created deeper channels within the broadwater channels.

Visit www.superiorjetties.com for more information on community projects or call us for all you on the water floating requirements
1300 798 318.


Superior Industrial

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Superior Industrial provides a comprehensive service to the mining industry in regards to both flotation and replacement of traditionally metal parts for processing plants and equipment such as Steel Fabrication CNC routing and rotomoulding, Polyethylene pontoons + fitting, Professional metal workshops, Frames, Ramps, Walkways, Customised parts, Concrete pontoon fabrication, Custom Aluminium Fabrication, Custom Steel Fabrication, Commercial Gangways, Commercial Walkways, Commercial Bridges, Custom Made Platforms  and equipment. For more information click here


Rototour 2016

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Superior has just hosted rotomoulding professionals from all parts of the world as part of the 2016 Rototour of Australia, organised by the Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia.

Delegates from the US, China, Turkey, Chile, the Philippines, Brazil and as far as Kazakhstan – most of whom had not been to Australia – enjoyed typical Aussie hospitality, including barbeques and visits to cultural attractions, sightseeing and site tours, culminating in the international conference at Sanctuary Cove.

After visiting various operations in Brisbane and Melbourne, the delegates came to the Gold Coast where they took in tour of Superior’s high-tech factory and facilities.

Superior is design-led and highly skilled in manufacturing a range of flotation systems, including pontoons for marinas and berthing systems, our award-winning Waterscape, and environmental platforms used for fish farming, reed beds or solar panels.

In addition, our rotational moulding expertise and IP are applied to industrial products like balustrading such as the Edge I, II and III, firehose reels and pit lids that can integrate into any concrete slab.

We were proud to host this diverse group and showcase Australian-designed and made products, using locally sourced raw materials, to ISO-certified best practice standards.

It has been a tremendous experience for everybody – an effective means of sharing knowledge, improving systems, networking and building businesses through innovation.

The theme of this year’s event is “Connect, Collaborate, Differentiate”, which given the rapid pace of change in our industry, are reminders of the importance of developing ties within an industry as well as creating new opportunities for our own businesses to flourish.

Feedback so far has been all positive. Delegates loved everything to do with Australian wildlife, our natural assets such as the beaches, Broadwater and bush culture. More importantly, they took away from the tour a sense that the world isn’t so large that we can’t reach out and exchange information and insight, leading to a renewed energy in business and spirit of cooperation.

Learn more about rotomoulding here http://www.rotationalmoulding.com/


Build it, they’re coming

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The recent Club Marine/MIA “Health of the Australian Marina Industry Survey” shows some good data on our preparedness to handle super yachts.

The survey of Australian marinas builds on previous data released in 2009, 2011 and 2013. The research is a result of a unique long term research partnership between the Recreational Marine Research Centre (RMRC) at Michigan State University and the MIA with the active participation of many Australian marinas.

The Survey provides extensive data and analysis based on a robust 40% sample of Australia’s 346 marinas. From the considerable industry input, it’s evident there is a rising demand for storage spaces and customer services.

This is important data for infrastructure companies as well, whose business and employees rely on marinas for their livelihoods. The survey tracks capital investment as an indicator of major projects and gives us the ability to undertake strategic planning.

And while there are strong figures for direct and indirect employment around marinas, continued demand for diversifying services, and plenty of opportunity for growth, there is a need to ascertain if we have enough berths in the correct places for super yachts.

According to the Survey, nearly a third (31.5%) of Australian marinas participating in the survey that had berths/pens were able to accommodate super yachts during 2014-2015 financial year, and half of such marinas can accommodate four or more superyachts at the same time. 40% of these marinas were also able to accommodate superyachts anywhere outside the berths/pens over 24m long. Moreover, about 13% of marinas that were able to accommodate superyachts during the 2014-2015 financial year anticipate they will build/prepare additional storage spaces (eg. berths/pens) specifically for superyachts in 2015-2016.

About two-thirds of marinas currently do not have superyacht-sized (24.1 m +) berths or have such large spaces but currently are not able to actually accommodate superyachts. However, about 19% of them are able to accommodate superyachts elsewhere (eg. at tie-ups) and nearly 9% anticipate to build/prepare additional storage spaces (eg. berths/pens) specifically for superyachts in 2015-2016.

As the marketing momentum builds, positioning our region as the ideal “third cruising ground” after the Med and Caribbean, industry stats show we are nowhere near ready for any increase in superyacht visitation.

AIMEX/Superyacht Australia hosted the 2016 ASMEX conference, at which arose the details of the South Pacific Superyachting strategy. Captains, charter brokers and AIMEX-SA stated there is a concerted effort to attract a small portion of the world’s superyacht fleet to Asia and the South Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand, generating interest via regular presentations at key superyacht and charter shows such as Monaco, Singapore and Genoa.

Superyachts and charter guests are being lured to Australia with messages about pristine coastlines, unique experiences and events, from Tasmania to the Kimberley Coast. In fact, there are three superyachts berthed now at Abell Point Marina, gateway to the Whitsundays.

Paul Darrouzet and the team at Abell Point have been extremely proactive in the quest to attract superyachts downunder, even flying in charter experts from Florida to show them the majesty of the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef so they may influence superyacht Captains and Owners into bringing their vessels to Australia on the northern hemisphere off-season for several weeks charter work, as well as refits and repairs – thus ensuring revenue to the local industry, considered some of the best in the world.

The report indicates, however, a need to study the preparedness for this trend.  Cairns has long been a stop off point, but how many berths on the voyage south down the east coast allow for this anticipated growth?

What the stats say is that for the 346 marinas: 

  • 40% or  138 marinas can accept a SY over 24m in a berth with the mean taking 3.5 vessels at once
  • 13% of this number are planning on adding SY berths  or 18 projects
  • 65.7% of marinas (227) cannot accommodate 100ft SY and of that number 8.9% (20)are considering adding berths.
  • 9% can hardstand a vessel over 100ft.

This shows a steady progression that may not meet demand in the not too distant future, especially once the location of these berths has been pin pointed close to the demand..  The “build it and they will come” philosophy seems to require more confidence yet in the marketplace.

This type of information is valuable, and we are now looking to build on it, seeking local Universities to collaborate on this project using this information to determine wider trends that identify opportunity.  This will initially include a benchmarking exercise to other recreational industries.  Then the demand for non-berthing applications at marinas can be demonstrated to show the social, environmental and destination protection opportunities that remain untapped in the industry.


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