2018 marks 30 years of operation for Superior Jetties®.

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For 30 years Superior has been providing high quality flotation and industrial products to a variety of industries throughout Australia and internationally.

To review the last 30 years, we have decided to gather a few images that reflect the pursuit of personalised customer service, industry leading innovation and ‘turnkey’ products and services. We have always tried to live up to our brand values of trust, creative imagination, personal service and exceptional results.

John Hogan, CEO of Superior Jetties recently spoke about his pride in the team in reaching 30 years of operation. “This is truly a credit to the wonderful people who always make it happen at Superior. Joint partnerships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders have been critical to making Superior a Gold Coast success story since 1988.”

“30 years is a solid milestone and calls for a celebration” John said.

Not only in Australia but in the international arena, Superior has witnessed great change, and in some instances, been the facilitator of changes within the industry.

From the engineering of unique flotation devices for industrial use; the award-winning Waterscape entertainment platform, to the market leading Super Elite reinforced concrete pontoon system, Superior has responded to customers’ needs and produced the results.” John said.

“We believe that Superior has facilitated an expectation of high standards within the industry in Australia, which has led to increasing demand for our products and services internationally.”

In celebration of Superior’s 30 year milestone, we are showing images of projects completed over the years.

We welcome any further images from stakeholders, which will be displayed at SCIBS in May.




Broadwater Parklands Stage 3

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Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 continues the master plan vision for Broadwater Parklands. The $10.5 million project which is a partnership between City of Gold Coast and Gold Coast Waterways Authority, including Superior Jetties provide:

Three hectares of reclaimed land for community parklands and events space with shared facilities for the Southport Amateur Fishing Club and community use.
Superior Jetties built a new regional four lane boat ramp facility with car and trailer parking plus a 30 metre landing pontoon. Plus the new dredging has created deeper channels within the broadwater channels.

Visit www.superiorjetties.com for more information on community projects or call us for all you on the water floating requirements
1300 798 318.


Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 Boat Ramps and Landing Pontoon

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Superior Group is proud to be part of stage 3 of the Broadwater Parklands redevelopment in Southport on the Gold Coast. Together with JFM Civil Superior Jetties is building a large 4 lane boat ramp and a 30 metre long jetting with a 6 metre wide landing pontoon directly on the broadwater. Making this one of the easiest ways to access the Gold Coast waterways and broadwater. Superior has chosen the strongest and most stable pontoon for the job, the Superior Elite Pontoon. Designed for heaviest conditions to ensure the safest pontoon for you and your family. Based at the northern end of the redevelopment, the boat ramps and landing pontoon has direct access from the M1 via smith street bypassing all city centres. Fantastic access to the water and nearing completion soon.