2018 marks 30 years of operation for Superior Jetties®.

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For 30 years Superior has been providing high quality flotation and industrial products to a variety of industries throughout Australia and internationally.

To review the last 30 years, we have decided to gather a few images that reflect the pursuit of personalised customer service, industry leading innovation and ‘turnkey’ products and services. We have always tried to live up to our brand values of trust, creative imagination, personal service and exceptional results.

John Hogan, CEO of Superior Jetties recently spoke about his pride in the team in reaching 30 years of operation. “This is truly a credit to the wonderful people who always make it happen at Superior. Joint partnerships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders have been critical to making Superior a Gold Coast success story since 1988.”

“30 years is a solid milestone and calls for a celebration” John said.

Not only in Australia but in the international arena, Superior has witnessed great change, and in some instances, been the facilitator of changes within the industry.

From the engineering of unique flotation devices for industrial use; the award-winning Waterscape entertainment platform, to the market leading Super Elite reinforced concrete pontoon system, Superior has responded to customers’ needs and produced the results.” John said.

“We believe that Superior has facilitated an expectation of high standards within the industry in Australia, which has led to increasing demand for our products and services internationally.”

In celebration of Superior’s 30 year milestone, we are showing images of projects completed over the years.

We welcome any further images from stakeholders, which will be displayed at SCIBS in May.




Enhancing the Gold Coast waterways

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The Gold Coast Waterways Authority has been a quiet achiever since it was established in 2012 with the mandate to “Sustain, Enhance and Promote” the Gold Coast’s most significant natural asset.

Led by CEO, Hal Morris the GCWA has a budget of $30 million and a 10 year strategy aimed at improving access to our waterways through channel maintenance such as dredging and providing waterways destinations.

In the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the work of the GCWA will become crucial, driven by organisers and stakeholders who believe the Broadwater and waterways will be as important to the Commonwealth Games as Sydney Harbour was to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Recently, we were among a cross section of stakeholders surveyed in the GCWA Statutory Review, conducted by an independent company to ascertain the effectiveness of its work. As boat owners, residents and avid users of the Gold Coast waterways we were happy to provide feedback on the improved access, the continuing health of the waterways, and a budget used wisely.

Results are expected this month, but by all accounts, it has been unanimously positive. This is largely due to Hal Morris and his dedicated team with the vision, nous and experience gained from backgrounds in government and private enterprise.

I recently spoke with Hal and the team at GCWA about the objectives for 2016 and they identified: Channel Maintenance works at Cabbage Tree Point, Jacobs Well, Tipplers Passage, North Channel, South Channel and South Wavebreak Island and Biggera Creek.

Also on the list of priorities are upgrades to the Seaway Kiosk, Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 boat ramp and floating walkway, Surfers Riverside River Edge Treatment, Major Navigation Aids Maintenance project throughout waterways network, Tipplers Passage Infrastructure upgrades, and the Coomera Dredge Sediment Management Facility.

The majority of this work is accessible to all residents and visitors to the Gold Coast, whether boaties on the water or day trippers by the water. Queensland governments past and present should be congratulated for their recognition of the worth, in terms of tourism and intrinsic value to the aquatic lifestyle we enjoy on the Gold Coast.


The Waterways Management Program 2015-2019 is available at www.gcwa.qld.gov.au

Hal Morris CEO GC Waterways Authority



GCWA Speed Limit Survey & Camera Monitoring Waterways

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This week John Hogan discusses the new survey available from Gold Coast Waterways Authority to have your say on proposed speed limit changes for some of the Gold Coast waterways. He also talks a bit about the new cameras monitoring hot spot waterway areas across the Gold Coast.