METS Tradeshow 2019

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Join Superior Jetties at the METS Amsterdam Marine Equipment Trade Show from the 19th to the 21st of November. Come check out the world’s largest collection of marine equipment, materials, and systems, including our Waterscape premium floating deck system, and our Superior Edge™.

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2018 marks 30 years of operation for Superior Jetties®.

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For 30 years Superior has been providing high quality flotation and industrial products to a variety of industries throughout Australia and internationally.

To review the last 30 years, we have decided to gather a few images that reflect the pursuit of personalised customer service, industry leading innovation and ‘turnkey’ products and services. We have always tried to live up to our brand values of trust, creative imagination, personal service and exceptional results.

John Hogan, CEO of Superior Jetties recently spoke about his pride in the team in reaching 30 years of operation. “This is truly a credit to the wonderful people who always make it happen at Superior. Joint partnerships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders have been critical to making Superior a Gold Coast success story since 1988.”

“30 years is a solid milestone and calls for a celebration” John said.

Not only in Australia but in the international arena, Superior has witnessed great change, and in some instances, been the facilitator of changes within the industry.

From the engineering of unique flotation devices for industrial use; the award-winning Waterscape entertainment platform, to the market leading Super Elite reinforced concrete pontoon system, Superior has responded to customers’ needs and produced the results.” John said.

“We believe that Superior has facilitated an expectation of high standards within the industry in Australia, which has led to increasing demand for our products and services internationally.”

In celebration of Superior’s 30 year milestone, we are showing images of projects completed over the years.

We welcome any further images from stakeholders, which will be displayed at SCIBS in May.




Superior Industrial CNC Machining

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The Superior team has announced its expansion into the precision machining of profiled parts. With the arrival of our state of the art CNC Router and Cad/Cam package we are now capable of fulfilling all our customers “profiled parts” requirements in either engineering plastics or aluminium plate.

Examples range from wear pads, sprockets and gear segments to star-wheels, conveyor parts, lining and panels. Superior offer there CNC Router for hire at great rates, based in Arundel, Gold Coast Queensland (15 Minutes north of Surfers Paradise). This State of the art machine can handle many varieties of tasks to suit your business needs.

For more information on how we can help you contact Superior + 61 7 5594 8200, or click here


Pontoons – the gateway to the aquatic lifestyle

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Waterfront property has always been a great investment with these property prices outperforming other sites as the prime location demands a premium.  The asset is enhanced by adding floating pontoons to increase the amenity and add substantial value.  We asked a couple of recent clients for their impression of the product offering.

Brisbane client, Brad Davis, says it’s no exaggeration to say he has “pontoon possessiveness”. Rebuilt after the floods of 2011 swept away the original, the 10m x 3.5m pontoon at his rental property at Westlake on Brisbane River is not just a practical lifestyle platform, it’s a major residential asset.

“It adds to the prestige of the property and the rent I can charge, but more importantly, having a pontoon adds at least $250,000 in value to my property,” he states, “And that’s a conservative estimate.”

Brad cites Brisbane Council policy since the flood disaster, which makes getting approval to add a pontoon close to impossible. “Those homes that had pontoons which were damaged or destroyed had a few years to replace them. But now, the Council has a ban on waterfront structures within 15km of the CBD. There’s a 10m buffer zone.”

Brad is exceptionally happy with his new Superior pontoon – the quality, design, construction, quick installation and price.

For Brad’s tenants, the pontoon is the ideal location for fishing and enjoying their riverside pad. He adds “if they had a boat or jetskis, they’d be doing that too!”

At Hope Island, Ian Furber and his family are using their 8m x 3m pontoon as the shooting off point for their Sea-Doo, which they use each weekend to explore the Broadwater and beyond.

With his wife and two kids, aged two and five, Ian jets off to Couran Cove for breakfast or Tipplers – a lifestyle that lured him down from Brisbane some 15 years ago.

While the kids are young, all four of us fit on the Sea-Doo. They love it! It’s like being on holidays every day! We use the pontoon for docking our jetski and kayaks. It came up really well. We are very happy with the quality. It’s a really good product. The only thing I would change is that it’s something we should have done years ago.

Boating in the Australia is growing with over 850,000 registered boats and it is a great way for families to recreate together.  These activities encourage intergenerational bonds that last a lifetime. A common trend we see is if your boat is berthed at your property you will simply use that boat more due to its ease of access.


6 Metre Tinnie Boat Lift by Superior Jetties

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Meet the new 6 metre tinnie lift from Superior Jetties, this boat lift is designed for small tinnies or RIBS up to 6 metres and uses no moving parts therefore gaining life expectancy. Made from Rotomoulded plastic using our UMD modules gives this product great strength and reliability. To find out more contact our sales team on 07 5594 8200



Pontoons power Sanctuary Cove sales strategy

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To add momentum to the sales on the southern waterfront of its Sanctuary Point precinct, Mulpha devised a unique strategy: installing floating berths using Superiors proven Elite product.

“This build deal for 20 units allowed buyers to fast track their purchase with a differentiated offering from a standard bare block where the buyer has the berth to consider as well as all the decisions linked to home buying,” explains Superior CEO, John Hogan.

The pontoons installed were all at least 10m long allowing deep water direct access boating for vessels up to 14 metres.

Mulpha Sanctuary Cove general manager of sales, John Hughes said the decision to offer pontoons was a successful strategy to “accelerate construction on the southern waterfront”.

“It was a limited opportunity and worked very well. 31 lots of land sold in record time – just 18 months to two years, with international interest,” Hughes said. “Selling the lots complete with pontoons promoted the idyllic waterfront lifestyle for which Sanctuary Cove is renowned. It really got the market rolling on the southern waterfront and brought forward sales on the premium north-facing land on Sanctuary Point.”

The northern section of Sanctuary Point is deemed “Harbour 4”, which means it is deep and wide water, with closes access to the Broadwater, with land available from 600 to 1,000m².

Sanctuary Cove Pontoons at Sanctuary Cove Point


Birkenhead Point Marina floating office becomes the hub

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Since its official opening in September, the upgraded Birkenhead Point Marina, on Iron Cove Bay, Sydney has been attracting a new wave of visitors and clients.

The 18 month redevelopment, undertaken by Superior Jetties, improves the facilities and amenities available to tenants and the Sydney boating public.

According to Marina Manager, Philip McGowen, the most significant additions include the new A arm jetty with 14 berths for super yachts up to 40m, a full-service floating fuel dock and a floating kiosk for drinks, snacks, ice, bait and essential boating items.

The marina now has a total of 201 berths as well as onshore kayak storage.

Luke Tapfner, Superior Jetties project manager said that the floating multi-use office and kiosk was part of the original concept and he worked closely with the marina team on the design and planning.

“The brief was to create a floating platform for central office that would provide ease of access and act as a café, office, multi-task area that people could notice, rather than being hidden away.

“We established what size they wanted it, designed the electricity and waste water requirements and then estimated the right weights and building materials to get the correct freeboard to meet up with the marina,” explains Luke.

The finished product comprises four Elite pontoons, chosen for their ease of joining. The structure is located in a central position, adjacent to the fuel dock and, as Phil asserts, it has become something of a social hub.

“We love it! It’s great. It’s very stable, right in the thick of things. Everybody comments on it. It’s a deep maroon colour and very well signed, with tables and chairs out the front and the smell of fresh coffee. It has become a real hub.”


Broadwater Southport Rotary Club breakfast meeting speech

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This morning I had the pleasure of addressing the Broadwater Southport Rotary Club and sharing the Superior story.  It was especially enjoyable as the venture was the deck of the Southport Yacht Club with the brand new Waterscape by Superior bar floating behind as as a backdrop, complete with a Horizon 75 foot yacht moored to it.  The club has a committed membership and I was impressed by the amount of community work that they are doing.

They are working on the Kokoda Beach run coming up in July which is the only totally beach run event in Australia, with only Rio de Janiero being the other city to host such an event.  As Australia’s “beach city”, this has to be an event worthy of your support.  The other activity the club is doing, is at the old Southport hospital site where they have saved the chapel that is over 100 years old and relocated it to the Broadwater Parklands where all will be able to be enjoy by all for years to come.  We look forward to supporting this chapel project with some new Superior Edge handrails and commend the project it to all.

It is amazing to meet new people on the Gold Coast and realise that such good works are happening right before our eyes from people who wish to serve and contribute to our community.  Thank you Rotary!!