Birkenhead Point Marina floating office becomes the hub

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Since its official opening in September, the upgraded Birkenhead Point Marina, on Iron Cove Bay, Sydney has been attracting a new wave of visitors and clients.

The 18 month redevelopment, undertaken by Superior Jetties, improves the facilities and amenities available to tenants and the Sydney boating public.

According to Marina Manager, Philip McGowen, the most significant additions include the new A arm jetty with 14 berths for super yachts up to 40m, a full-service floating fuel dock and a floating kiosk for drinks, snacks, ice, bait and essential boating items.

The marina now has a total of 201 berths as well as onshore kayak storage.

Luke Tapfner, Superior Jetties project manager said that the floating multi-use office and kiosk was part of the original concept and he worked closely with the marina team on the design and planning.

“The brief was to create a floating platform for central office that would provide ease of access and act as a café, office, multi-task area that people could notice, rather than being hidden away.

“We established what size they wanted it, designed the electricity and waste water requirements and then estimated the right weights and building materials to get the correct freeboard to meet up with the marina,” explains Luke.

The finished product comprises four Elite pontoons, chosen for their ease of joining. The structure is located in a central position, adjacent to the fuel dock and, as Phil asserts, it has become something of a social hub.

“We love it! It’s great. It’s very stable, right in the thick of things. Everybody comments on it. It’s a deep maroon colour and very well signed, with tables and chairs out the front and the smell of fresh coffee. It has become a real hub.”


Seaflex Mooring System

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Seaflex is an elastic mooring solution for marinas, wave attenuators and buoys that is unrivaled in its ability to keep the floating application secured in position even in locations with high water fluctuation and waves. The product can handle extreme forces and has the longest life expectancy of mooring solutions today. Talk with Superior Jetties today about how we can help with your pontoon, marina and berthing requirements. Contact Us


Super Elite Structual Pontoons

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The Super Elite Marina System is the largest mass of the heavy duty options that Superior offers in concrete pontoons. It builds on the successful Elite System that is renowned for the strength of its concrete deck and adds concrete barrier walls, or full structural walls depending upon the application. For more information visit the Super Elite Page

Super Elite Pontoon tech sheet.


New uses for Marinamate trolleys

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I recently visited Phil McGowan CMM at Birkenhead Point Marina. Phil was working on an idea for a quick response fire water pump that would also double as an emergency vessel pump out retrieval tool as well. I order to achieve this Phil wanted a system that made it easy to get the entire pump and suction hose to the site quickly.

The Superior Marina Mate is already a standard on marinas as a solid workhorse in many marinas. This product happened due to the urging of one Mat Bate who requested the product be fashioned after the successful Fibreglass units he had used in the past. Mat even wanted the name changed to MarinaBate not mate…… Why was that again Mat?!

The trolley is carefully designed to have robust a polyethylene tub, 316 stainless steel frame and pneumatic tyres. With the addition of a flat floor of CNC cut boat board their is an infill of flotation material underneath that makes the unit float. This flat floor was the perfect stage to fit the pump unit and accessories as seen below.

The modified trolley was delivered and the whole system works a treat.

The specifications are:
Pump: Aussie Pumps
Overall dimensions

  • 979mm Long
  • 690mm Wide
  • 530mm High

Positively Certified

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I recently attended the Marine13 conference held in Sydney on April 28th. A pleasant surprise ensued with the bestowing of an honorary Certified Marina Professional (CMP) award presented by Mick Bettsworth, the Chairman of the GMI ( Global Marina Institute ). To become “Certified” I thought I had better check on the background, and any roles and responsibilities that I may have now inherited. The marina industry has long held the CMM or Certified Marina Manager, as the pinnacle of the industry career path where recipients are acknowledged as professionals with practical and business prowess. The CMP is the equivalent for those professionals in the industry that support and supply the products used in marinas.

Those who have read the odd blog of mine will know of my love of music as well and In particular I love great guitars, and guitarists. I am regularly questioned by my family why I need more than one if I can only play one at a time! My favourite Aussie guitarist is Tommy Emmanual AM, an absolute virtuoso, a Maton (Aussie guitar made in Victoria) player, and an all round good bloke. At the last concert I attended he had the audience in his hands from start to finish. He is also a Certified Guitar Player (CGP), and award given to him personally by Chet Atkins in 1999, his childhood hero. The award states ” in recognition of his contribution to the art of fingerpicking “. For Tommy being one of only 4 in the world with a CGP award from Chet one of the leaders of all guitar music, this is a high point in his career. (Listen to some great finger picking from Tommy and Chet )

So when I reflect on a life’s work, on making the world a better place, and providing enjoyment through access to boating, I think a little bit like Tommy. What a wonderful career to do something you love everyday, in an industry surrounded by great people who have become your friends. And when a group of those peers stand up and say you are Certified, I feel happily content. Perhaps on the other hand, they were really telling me I am getting a little crazy……:)

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