Rotomoulded Stand Up Paddle Board SUP

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The Superior Watersports board was designed by Australian surfing legend Dave Verral and is made from 100% Australian materials and labour. The board is ideal for the beginner to intermediate level rider as with its large beam it is easier to ride. The Superior SUP features a large deck grip area for easy movement around the board and a front cargo net and rear waterproof locker for stowage.

Boards Specs:

  • Length: 10’2 Ft/In – 3.1m
  • Width: 31’4 In – 0.8m
  • Height: 4.3 In – 0.11m
  • Weight: 17 Kg
  • Capacity: 110 KG – 242 lbs

Board Features:

  • High U.V Stability
  • Very High Impact Strength
  • Cargo Storage Net
  • Moulded Carry Handle
  • Non Slip Deck Grip
  • Dry Storage Locker
  • Leg Rope Insert
  • Aluminium Paddle (Standard)

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Living on the edge

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An integral part of the Gold Coast identity and lifestyle is our vast stretch of pristine beaches, a canal system larger than Venice’s, the Broadwater, Straddie and our ease of access to the sea, the Reef and beyond.

Boaties certainly enjoy the liberty to explore our waterways and offshore, and Superior is there to supply pontoons, boat lifts and marina berths. But as CEO, John Hogan explains, “the on-water lifestyle is fundamental to work-life balance, whether you own a boat or not. Superior makes infrastructure that is accessible to all people, not just only owners”.

“As work-life balance becomes more vital for our health and well-being, the waterfront is a magnet for people seeking to revitalise body and soul. Whether swimming, walking on the sand or pathways, kayaking, standup paddle boarding or sailing, enjoying time on the water provides a connection to nature we all find enriching.”

In Sydney’s Rose Bay, Currumbin on the Gold Coast and hundreds of locations around lakes, inlets and even on the breakers, fitness entrepreneurs are tapping into this fundamental urge to enjoy the water with ‘Work out on Water sessions’ involving SUPs, kayaks and other aquatic gear.

“You see people of all skill levels doing yoga and Pilates on SUPs, and then there are the myriad kayak and jetski groups on the Broadwater at Wavebreak Island and even on the lake at Evandale,” observes John. “Plenty more just jog on the foreshore, have a picnic or meal at a waterfront venue and just enjoy the view.

John recounts the story of a recent customer who had relocated his family to the Gold Coast, but continued to commute to Brisbane each day. “He had 20 year old pontoon in need of repair. He asked us if we could you make it look new again. We stripped it back, replaced some of the deck, made an infill panel in aluminium and added new carpet and a fender on the outside. Then he wanted a jetski dock. He bought a wakeboarding boat and a seapen to keep it in. He came back to us and bought another skidock for the kids’ tinnie, and told us they bought SUPs for Christmas.

“Every weekend, as a family, they go wakeboarding and paddling. It’s big commitment in terms of investment, but it speaks volumes about their love of the water, the importance of work-life balance and quality time as a family.

“On the Gold Coast, and much of Australia, we have the water lifestyle at our doorstep. It’s part of our psyche, whether you live on it, or have to drive to walk along the shorefront – it’s part of us and part of the visual landscape.”

Good for you!

Studies show watersports are good for every aspect of our health and well-being:

  • The brain releases feel-good endorphins, plus a dip in the water cools you off and makes you feel energised to work out.
  • Skills: Many watersports carry a degree of skill mastery, which keeps your brain active and focused on the task at hand, as well as being good for your self-esteem. Experts consider this a form of meditation for a busy or stressed mind.
  • Fun factor: instead of the tedium of the gym, playing in or on the water is a great way to burn energy and keep fit.
  • Vitamin D: in small doses, sunshine helps the body create Vitamin D which is great for all-round health and helps elevate your mood.
  • Natural attraction: exercising in nature benefits your mind and your mood and clears the mind ahead of a busy day.
  • Feel good factor: being around water just makes us feel good. Numerous studies have shown the calming effects of waves and water, the favourite soothing sounds of meditation music.

Superior SUP Strikes A Blow

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Made from rotomoulded polyethylene the Superior SUP has a massive advantage over fibreglass stand up paddle boards. One of many key benefits of rotomoulding is its extreme resistance to damage, scratching, denting and UV.

Superior’s range of Stand Up Paddle Boards are more than ideal for the rental sector – from a small rental shop through to large water sports businesses – you can count on the Superior SUP to provide reliable, quality and durability all year round. With little to nomaintainance our SUP range has two options available with the R1 model including  a waterproof key/phone locker and cargo net storage on the bow.

As demonstrated in this video and others you will see how harsh these boards can be treated and still continue to operate day in and day out. Whether it may be hitting it with a hammer or driving a tractor over it you can have confidence in the Superior product. Buy online here


Another great Sanctuary Cove Boat Show for Superior

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A big thank you to everyone who came and visited our stand at this year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. What a fantastic weekend with a mixed bag of weather conditions which didnt really affect any of the crowds and the fun atmosphere of another wonderful boat show. Out team were kept busy all weekend as people flocked in to see our range of products including the Sunstream Float Lift, jet ski docks, Stand Up Paddle Boards and Elite Series pontoon on display. A stand out was the inclusion this year of the stunning red Bentley GTC V8 convertible and our partnership (built on Trust) with Bentley Brisbane. Our 25 year celebration on the Saturday night held in conjunction with Bentley Brisbane was a great night and an opportunity to catch up with Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate, old Superior friends and make some new ones. Another highlight was our award for Best Marine Industry Export Marketing Strategy presented at the Australian Marine Export & Superyacht Industry Awards (AIMEX). Thanks to the Superior team who built and manned the stand over the weekend, Bentley Brisbane, Ioesco Resturarant, Mr Boat Show Barry Jenkins and the organisers of this year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show for a terrific weekend.


ARMA Rotomoulding conference

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Last week the annual conference of ARMA, the Australasian Rotomoulding Manufacturers Association was in Cairns, North Queensland. I was attending as a delegate and also provided one of the presentations on Becoming a Design Led Company. ARMA is a wonderful organisation that provides members in Australia and New Zealand with very professional representation in industry, government and internationally with the scientific community. As a former member of the Board of Directors I was able to see first hand the excellent results that Leisa Donlan and Michelle produce for members. Every year they surprise us with something new and this has allowed the industry to remain resilient.

One of my favourite results from ARMA has been the learning and friendships that result from having a genuine support group of like minded individuals. There are business deals, product sharing, technical benchmarking and international research all active from within ARMA. This is one of the reasons why I am sharing our experience at Superior on becoming design led in the hope to assist other companies to evolve with their unique brand values, a deeper customer insight and exciting new designs that improve the entire experience for all stakeholders.

The other reason is that many years ago when we had suffered a fire that severely limited our production for a few months, Leisa was immediately there to assist us. She gave us introductions to other ARMA members who could help us and they manufactured product for ourcustomers until we were back on our feet. I have never forgotten this as we would not have wonderful customers like Riviera, Fox Environmental or Greystone today if not for this generous support. Lets hope last week we could, in some small way, return the favour.

Fire Hose Reel Marinas


Surf Cities inaugural event

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This week we are exhibiting at the inaugural Surf Cities conference that is running in conjunction with the Bleach festival and immediately precedes the QuiksilverPro starting March 2nd. The conference has a number of speakers that focus on the entire surf industry and also about the design, manufacture, recycling and overall sustainability of the surf industry.

Superior is excited to be exhibiting our range of SUPs that have been designed here on the Gold Coast by Dave Verrall. Once “Feral Dave” had shaped and made the original units they were water tested to analyse performance.  Superior then proceeded to adapt this design into a fully polyethylene rotomoulded version. Ram Raghuraman who heads Superior Plastech division, and his team of skilled industrial designers, with finite element analysis, produced a state of the art alumium mould with the help of Mace Engineering in NZ. Ram had to modify the design to suit Rotomolding as this process uses a metal mould in an oven that heats the mould to over 300 degrees centigrade to form a hollow structure. Mace delivered the mould that even survived the earthquake that happened in the middle of manufacture. Mace won the work due to their precision experience as this mould is very high technology for Rotomolding with over 68 kiss offs which are the columns within the unit that hold the top and bottom surfaces rigid and apart.

Once the mould was made, Mace made one in NZ and Ram inspected it. He then talked Virgin Australia into letting him bring it home as baggage! It was exciting to see the product in the flesh.  We then had to program the Reinhardt Rotomolding machine to make the board with a repeatable process that minimises the mass, while maintaining a strong durable performance. The answer lay in using a dual shot process with a specialised foam layer under the external coloured skin. This gave the strength and a wonderful new unit to take to the market.

Our initial tests were done at Leo’s operation at Currumbin Creek opposite the Thrower Drive bike path bridge, also built by Superior for GCCC. Leo showed the product was a solid performer for rental companies where durability is a major consideration. The Superior SUP is not designed to compete with the high end GRP boards, however it allows an affordable way for new people to try the sport with a unit that will perform on the water. While it may be slightly heavier than glass boards, it is strong, will not dent, and has easy cheap repairs. When you add to that a smooth base with a professional fin box and fin that cuts through the water, and 100% recyclability then the Superior SUP really tick all the boxes for this segment.

Superior's Rotomoulding Facility