Superior Eco Tiles
- Environmentally Friendly Alternative -

Made in Australia from UV resistant PP, the innovative Superior Eco Tile is designed with a preforated decking surface to let sunlight through and preserve flora and fauna.  Tested to comply with AS1657-20018, the tiles have a high force resistance against impact and static loads and are extremely resistant to weather conditions.  With a load rating of 5kPa per square metre, they are suitable for new and existing gangways, pontoons and platforms.  The Superior Eco Tiles are also slip and fire resistant plus chemical and hydrocarbons resistant.  They look great and are easy and quick to install and dismantle if required.

Accessories and Dimensions:

  • Decking tile fixing full circle (in between 4 tiles)
  • Decking tile fixing half circle (in between 2 tiles)
  • Decking tile quarter circle (end cap)
  • Connection screw for fixing to aluminium
  • Connection screw for fixing to timber
  • Tile to tile connection peg (2/tile to tile connection)
  • Size: 495mm x 595mm x 50mm +3
  • Weight: 3.0kg
  • Colours: Pontoon Grey, Signal Yellow, Olive, Recycled Black
  • Load rating: 5kPa
New colours available now!

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