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Super Elite Marina System

The Super Elite Marina System is the largest mass of the heavy-duty options that Superior offers in concrete pontoons. It builds on the successful Elite System that is renowned for the strength of its concrete deck and adds concrete barrier walls, or full structural walls depending upon the application.

A perimeter beam of steel reinforcing allows the pontoon to be manufactured as a 5 sided system with the concrete usually used in the base, used in the deck instead where the extra strength helps distribute the forces throughout the structure.

The Super Elite full concrete walls surrounding the flotation allows for either Superior’s custom Elite aluminium waler, or the more traditional timber waler options, secured with through bolts. This system provides a ‘bulletproof’ option for the highest levels of stability and durability. The timber waler option facilitates extensions or maintenance to existing marinas that were built with older technologies, where for aesthetic reasons the same style is required to maintain a consistent look and feel.

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