John Hogan appointed Director on Global Marina Institute

The Global Marina Institute (GMI) is pleased to announce that John Hogan CMP has been appointed to the GMI Board. John is the CEO of Superior Jetties and a Director of the Marina Industries Association (MIA).


GMI Chairman Mick Bettesworth said John was a most welcome addition to the GMI Board. “John is well known across the global marina industry and is an active supporter of industry promotion, development and training. He brings to the Board a valuable perspective on the training needs of industry. He is also an enthusiastic contributor and this was most evident at our most recent GMI meeting held at the British Marina Federation (BMF) offices in London.”

The GMI Board comprises nine directors representing its partners the BMF and MIA; certified marina members; the ICOMIA Marinas Group and skills based appointees.

The Board oversights the delivery of global marina training and certification through it partners. It aims to strengthen the career pathway for individuals working in the marina industries and to maintain and increasing standards in marinas across the world. GMI is also working to develop new training courses to meet the needs of both existing marinas and marinas developing around the World.

John Hogan said it was an honour and privilege to be elected to the GMI Board.

“I have always felt strongly about the need for our industry to provide an attractive career pathway. It is essential we can attract and retain talented personal in the marina industries. GMI provides the mechanism to ensure marina education is steadily enhanced across the world.”


Attached image: GMI Chairman Mick Bettesworth congratulating John Hogan on his appointment to the GMI

British Marine Federation  www.britishmarine.co.uk

Marina Industries Association  www.marinas.net.au

Superior www.superiorjetties.com


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