This week I am on vacation and we have decided to go on an adventure with a couple of other boats north to the Capricorn and Bunker group. This area has so much natural beauty and there is lots to see. It was a straight shot north from the Gold Coast and in over the Wide Bay Bar in good conditions, which was a blessing given what this entrance can be like with breakers and dangerous conditions. After a night at Gary’s Anchorage we refueled at Urangan.

Urangan otherwise known as Hervey Bay is a thriving tourist town that has benefited from the whale watching industry. While at the Great Sandy Straits marina we chatted to the managers Wes and Helen who are members of the Marinas Industry Association (MIA) . We dropped off a copy of our book on Sustainable Marina Development as well that has a photo of their marina on the cover.

As we departed in the afternoon we were motoring through Platypus Bay en route to Rooney Point in absolutely mirror flat conditions and sparkling clear waters when we sighted two whales. People on the marina in Urangan had told us how friendly and inquisitive they were, so we just stopped and sat there in the boat. These two beautiful animals were easily 10m long and they proceeded to pop up in a spy hop or tail show, or even both tail and head out of the water at once. They swam under the boat twice and were really curious about us as they swam by ever so slowly. It is an amazing experience with these gentle giants.

If you get a chance, visit Hervey Bay and experience this event. It makes us happy to provide berthing when it gives people access to see such magic in the world.


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