Pipe Floats

SUPERIOR designs and manufactures an improved range of hose and pipe floats, suitable for all marine applications including dredging, mining, water treatment and aquaculture.

Rotomoulded using high impact polyethylene, the pipe floats are now available with a quick-release strap, eliminating the time-consuming process of bolting the floats together. Moulded locating pins for ease of installation and a convenient moulded hole in both ends allow for improved storage and security.

Also now available is the option of glass-reinforced polyethylene bolts and nuts. Lightweight yet remarkably strong, they offer a corrosion-free and economical alternative to galvanised or stainless fittings.

Internal diameters range from 10mm up to 630mm and are suitable for cable, hose and pipe.

The floats can be foam filled if required and an extensive colour range is available, as is the option of passive radar and light-reflective stripes.

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