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Waterfront property has always been a great investment with these property prices outperforming other sites as the prime location demands a premium.  The asset is enhanced by adding floating pontoons to increase the amenity and add substantial value.  We asked a couple of recent clients for their impression of the product offering.

Brisbane client, Brad Davis, says it’s no exaggeration to say he has “pontoon possessiveness”. Rebuilt after the floods of 2011 swept away the original, the 10m x 3.5m pontoon at his rental property at Westlake on Brisbane River is not just a practical lifestyle platform, it’s a major residential asset.

“It adds to the prestige of the property and the rent I can charge, but more importantly, having a pontoon adds at least $250,000 in value to my property,” he states, “And that’s a conservative estimate.”

Brad cites Brisbane Council policy since the flood disaster, which makes getting approval to add a pontoon close to impossible. “Those homes that had pontoons which were damaged or destroyed had a few years to replace them. But now, the Council has a ban on waterfront structures within 15km of the CBD. There’s a 10m buffer zone.”

Brad is exceptionally happy with his new Superior pontoon – the quality, design, construction, quick installation and price.

For Brad’s tenants, the pontoon is the ideal location for fishing and enjoying their riverside pad. He adds “if they had a boat or jetskis, they’d be doing that too!”

At Hope Island, Ian Furber and his family are using their 8m x 3m pontoon as the shooting off point for their Sea-Doo, which they use each weekend to explore the Broadwater and beyond.

With his wife and two kids, aged two and five, Ian jets off to Couran Cove for breakfast or Tipplers – a lifestyle that lured him down from Brisbane some 15 years ago.

While the kids are young, all four of us fit on the Sea-Doo. They love it! It’s like being on holidays every day! We use the pontoon for docking our jetski and kayaks. It came up really well. We are very happy with the quality. It’s a really good product. The only thing I would change is that it’s something we should have done years ago.

Boating in the Australia is growing with over 850,000 registered boats and it is a great way for families to recreate together.  These activities encourage intergenerational bonds that last a lifetime. A common trend we see is if your boat is berthed at your property you will simply use that boat more due to its ease of access.

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