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Pontoons can also be secured by connecting a metal strut and or the gangway, to amass concrete land anchor on the shore. If the conditions are suitable, this can be a more economical alternative. This method, known as “strut pontoons,” is suitable for the berthing of most private leisure craft in moderately calm conditions and in areas where the water is deep, or the seabed is rocky yet close to the shoreline.


Struts (made from a metal tube) and the gangway are hinged at either end of the rear edge of the pontoon and also at the concrete abutment blocks on the shore. The hinge action allows vertical movement for tide changes and wave conditions. Diagonal braces of a stainless steel cable are fitted between the gangway and strut for lateral support in strut pontoon designs.


A disadvantage of this design is any beach in the foreground is impinged by the strut and stainless cables that cross over the area.


The Elite concrete deck pontoon, a premium strut pontoon option, features:


              125mm concrete deck

              Solid concrete-filled custom aluminium waler

              Custom cast corners for smooth edges with rod holders

              Rotomoulded services pedestal


These components enhance the durability and functionality of strut pontoons, making them an attractive option for secure and aesthetically pleasing watercraft berthing.

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