Southport Yacht Club Superyacht Berth
Project Overview

Superior Jetties has just completed the largest superyacht berth in Australia.  

At 163 metres (berthing edge of 153 metres) in length and 4.6 metres wide, the superyacht berth at the Southport Yacht Club on the Gold Coast has been engineered and designed to welcome and accommodate some of the world’s largest vessels.

With a high freeboard to suit large vessel requirements and an excessive deck loading allowance, the massive all concrete pontoons are designed with heavy-duty, hot dipped galvanized or composite reinforcement.  

The pontoon base has a fully welded PE base liner system and innovative pontoon to pontoon connection system. 


The structure also allows good connectivity for super-sized components including large sized pile guides, heavy duty rubber D fenders and mooring bollards to suit commercial marina and superyacht requirements.  In conjunction with this, the new Superior Compression Coupling (SCC) is cast integrally to the pontoon and heavily reinforced to transfer the loads.  The structure does not rely on through rods and walers for structural strength position and eliminates the need to ever tighten bolts.  A heavy-duty 250mm diameter rubber fender is installed to the entirety of the berthing edge, and heavy-duty horn shaped bollards coincide with the berthing requirements of the vessels envisaged to moor at the location.  There are 24 bespoke fabricated steel piles of 730mm diameter with 800mm plastic sleeves and heavy-duty pile guides. 

This is a genuine game changer in the superyacht industry.

Metres Long

Metres Wide

High Freeboard To Suit
Large Vessel Requirements

Excessive Deck
Loading Allowance

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