Queensland Ballet’s Superior warm up for BLEACH

Queensland Ballet's Superior warm up for BLEACH

Performers from the Queensland Ballet took to a Superior Elite pontoon at Sovereign Islands on Friday for a rehearsal ahead of the debut performance of “Shifting Sands”, part of this year’s BLEACH Festival, 4 to 20 March.

Shifting Sands is an original creation on the GC by GC artists, performers and locals, specifically for the GC.

Focusing on the significance of Currumbin Estuary and surrounding beach, the multimedia event involves a cast of 60, plus five talented “pups on SUPS”, and a stunning performance by the Queensland Ballet, as well as subtle soundscapes, kayaks, life savers, dragon boats, synchronised swimmers, circus and dance, all accompanied by narration from local voices and the sounds of accomplished songwriter and instrumentalist, Bobby Alu.

The world premiere of Shifting Sands is a free, outdoor extravaganza, unlike anything the Gold Coast has ever seen, supported – quite literally – by Superior Jetties.

Superior’s Elite pontoon will provide the stage, while the sand of the creek banks will form the seating and the surrounding vantage points are the perfect natural auditorium for large audiences.

The Superior pontoon, the only fixed point in a performance, will extend the performers’  usable space and represent how man-made structures, like the natural landscape, have an important role to play.

Artistic Director Louise Bezzina and Creative director Donna Jackson have collaborated with internationally acclaimed choreographer, Amy Hollingsworth of the Queensland Ballet.

With all of the great input from so many people the show always seemed to be somewhat of a leap of faith. Our sponsorship involves providing a stable stage that is functional, safe, discrete.  It needed to be solid yet blend into the surroundings so that it did not steal the limelight.

With these thoughts we set about a custom solution that provides a 12m x 6m solid deck weighing over 25 Tonnes.  At the back of house we are installing the UMD modules to allow for access by boats, SUP, kayaks and more during the performance.

Even with all these plans the real test was for the actual stars from the Queensland Ballet along with their Ballet Mistress and Creative Director, Amy Hollingsworth to dance on a Superior Jetties Elite pontoon.

They had to prove the concept and check for stability, so the entire company rushed to one side of the unit to determine if they needed to modify their choreography due to any limitations of this new surface.

It was much more than a walk over! The boom box provided amazing music and the dancers took to their “stage”. When a male dancer tossed a female performer 5 metres into the air upside down, I realised ‘We are in Show Business!’

The Superior Elite pontoon, part of The Boutique Boat Company on Sovereign Island, stood up to all tests.

We owe a big thanks to Hugh and the team at The Boutique Boat Company on Sovereign Island. They have great examples of our pontoons there which they use to float vehicles during their legendary shows.

Shifting Sands will be something really special and no matter where your touch point is from nature, water, art, culture or just a night out at the beach, it is not to be missed, 12 and 13 March at Currumbin Estuary.

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