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All the best for the new year from the Superior team.  We are back to work this week following a couple of weeks off over the holidays.  With lots of people still away on the school holidays, it is a time to take stock of what we can do in 2013.  This is the time of new resolutions and making plans.  I know we have and the time relaxing allows the mind to refresh.

During these holidays, we spent time on the water on Morton Bay. This might sound a bit like the bus mans holiday however when you love boating none of it is a chore. We use Southport Yacht Club as a base to pick up people and get supplies, however most of the time it is anchored out in nature’s wonderland. We managed to find our way back into Days Gutter on the southern end of Morton Island. This can be a shallow entry and is best tackled on the top of the tide. After entering via the seaward entrance wit breakers visible on either side, we exited through Blacks Gutter and this is my preferred path in future. Once anchored inside there are lots of wildlife with dolphin and turtles around. We found the best oysters in the world from Morton Bay Rock Oysters and met friends on other boats.

We then visited Amity on North Stradbroke Island for a feed of prawns and crabs from? These were excellent as usual and we had lunch at Myora, another magic anchorage. We took the tender into the fresh water springs that feed into the bay through the mangroves. Rumour has it this water is from the Darling Downs and it was cool and clear.
The wind picked up a bit so we anchored in at Canaipa where there is good south east protection. After a delightful BBQ ashore with friends we returned to the boat for the night. It remained windy all night and the extra effort to fit an Ultra anchor was piece of mind when in these conditions.

With all of these unique attractions on our fore shores it is worth the effort to visit them by car or ferry or boat. We are very lucky to have such beauty around us and this is a perfect time to appreciate it. Take a mini holiday at home and refresh yourself.

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