Super Elite Marina
- Superior Marina Development System -

Heavy duty all concrete pontoon system for heavy applications

The Superior Super Elite series reinforced concrete pontoon units are a proven commercial marina, superyacht and industrial product. As the largest mass concrete pontoons, the Super Elite system is designed to provide vessel berthing and custom wave attenuation in heavy duty and rough weather applications

With a high freeboard to suit large vessel requirements and an excessive deck loading allowance, the massive all concrete pontoons are designed with heavy reinforcement. The pontoon base has a fully welded PE base liner system and a large diameter pontoon to pontoon connector system. High individual pontoon mass provides more stability against environmental forces and connectivity for large sizes pile guides, heavy duty rubber D fenders and mooring bollards to suit superyacht requirements.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the heavy duty Super Elite system, the fully integrated Superior Compression Coupling (SCC) consists of rotationally moulded connection boxes, stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers and EDPM connection rubbers. A built-in locking mechanism prevents the nuts from opening and eliminates the need to tighten bolts and allows low to zero maintenance. A custom rotomoulded non-slip polyethylene lid creates a neatly finished appearance.

The joint parts are easily accessible for inspection any time if required. Installation of the heavy-duty concrete pontoons is easy and fast. The semi-flexible rubber-bolt joint allows flexibility to the system under harsh weather conditions and absorbs berthing loads. The system does not have any deteriorating or wearing parts and is therefore extremely long lasting and economical throughout the life of the marina.

In addition, heavier, reinforced gangways manufactured from aluminium or steel can be custom designed to suit any specifications with a broad range of protective or safety coatings and flooring options. These are rated for heavy vehicle and golf cart applicable access.

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