Sustainability through planning, pro-activeness and commitment

I was having a walk along the spit area last weekend, casually strolling towards the seaway opening when I was struck by the sight of something that I had pushed in the back of my mind and taken for granted over my years in Australia. This of course was the beautiful combination of a variety of Human activities and development happening at this marvelous area, which had left me with such a strong positive impression the very first time I had seen it, after arriving in the country.

The beauty of the natural environment and man made infrastructures, moored boats and people just enjoying themselves having a coffee at Marina Mirage or fishing off the seaway reminded me of exactly why I chose to come and live in Australia and not somewhere else.

I believe nowhere else in the world can you find such an advanced combination of amazing natural environments working in harmony with sustainable development and environmentally friendly business practices. Australia is a beautiful country with awesome natural resources and environments.  I really appreciate the fact that Australia has taken a strong proactive stance in regards to sustainability and has managed to face and rise up to the challenge, something that so many other nations fail to do. No doubt that being green is good and trendy for businesses this days but without dwelling too much on its obvious popularity and economic benefits, I believe it is crucial to remind ourselves of the true reasons why this so important and why we need to keep going this way.

When it comes down to it I believe these reasons are the same as the ones we have when improving ourselves or our work: it is about enhancing the quality of our life and protecting our future and the one for our children. Quite an important thing isn’t it?

I find it extremely fortunate that this concept is at the heart of Australian development and that Australians have the opportunity to exercise this crucial aspect in more ways than one.

Coming from Vanuatu, which is a tropical small country of islands in the Pacific Ocean, I have always valued and enjoyed what nature has to offer. As time passed however, I have come to witness the fact that too many times, human activities and commercial development in the world can take their toll on the environment but also the people, especially when businesses, organizations and governments lose the focus on preserving and improving the quality of life pertaining to the areas they use.

I certainly believe in Vanuatu’s development potential and sincerely hope that it will follow the great example set by Australia in conducting sustainable business practices. It would certainly be a shame if the natural environment which is where the strength of the country lies, was compromised by inconsiderate development and poor environmental management.

Here at Superior, we are all about sustainability as an organization and as people. We all know and respect the fact that we are lucky to live in and benefit from such a wonderful variety of natural environments. This is why the sustainability of our business activities is one of our greatest focus and at the heart of Superior’s philosophy.

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Sustainability through planning, pro-activeness and commitment

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