Superior Steel Fabrication

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In 2013 the Superior Steel division on the Gold Coast at Jade Dr, Molendinar was started to allow Superior to fabricate a project for the Energy and Natural Resource sector (ENR). This has allowed our metal fabrication to expand from the traditional offering of aluminium fabrications over the past 25 years into new fields of structural steel and stainless steel. We have established a totally separate building to avoid any contamination issues.

Now we are able to support complex composite designs that utilise the separate manufacturing facilities now operating at Superior lead by Manufacturing Manager, Darren Basten. This means that we can fabricate steel, aluminium, concrete, plastics then crane and transport the product all with in house expertise and equipment. We are proud of our skilled team on the Gold Coast that support projects around the world. Our team members have travelled throughout Australia as well as to Sites throughout Asia and the Middle East to support our dealers in other countries. Steel gangways, bridges and pontoons have been the primary products produced, however now we are contracting truck bodies, pipe fabrications and structural steelwork.

The steel team are skilled in equipment maintenance of the Superior fleet of barges, trucks and cranes. A recent project to build a new truck body for our 9 tonne Hino crane truck, lead the paint shop to remark that this job was a ” top quality job and a pleasure to paint”. This is not surprising as our team hold accredited welding certificates that quality assure welds to inspection and test plans (ITP).

We welcome your enquiries to any steel project and look forward to offering your our Superior service.


Free WiFi in the Gold Coast Broadwater Parklands

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How good is free Internet? As a result of a sponsorship agreement between OntheNet and the Gold Coast City Council, the Broadwater Parklands area in Southport, Gold Coast now benefits from a free WiFi enabled Internet network.

This free Gold Coast City Council initiative is available to locals and visitors and provides 30 minute sessions or when a limit of 50MB is reached, with a 15 minutes cool off period between.

The operating time of the Internet network during December through to March is 7am to 9pm and between April to November, will be 7am to 7pm. The coverage area comprises the Little Lawn, the Great Lawn, the Main Car Park, and the Rock Pools.

Superior has also been involved in the improvement of this beautiful part of the Coast when in 2006 the company designed and installed a timber deck on the southern end of the Parklands area, allowing people to enjoy the amazing Broadwater vistas in the comfort of a stunning on water location while also incorporating gazebos and timber seats for additional coziness.

As always Superior is proud to take part in the improvement of the Australian lifestyle by providing practical designs and aesthetically pleasing products.

Superior congratulates both OntheNet and the Gold Coast City Council for this remarkable initiative, providing Gold Coasters and visitors alike with a great service while making sure the architecture and ambience of the park was not compromised by the network facilities.