Peats Bite on the Hawkesbury River

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Peats Bite on the Hawkesbury River only accessible by boat or seaplane makes for the most exclusive and unique boating and dinning experience. Superior jetties is proud to be a part of this wonderful experience by upgrading their berths with the Superior touch. Feel assured while you enjoy your lunch at Peats Bite, your vessel is safely moored with a Superior Jetties marina.


Super Elite Structual Pontoons

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The Super Elite Marina System is the largest mass of the heavy duty options that Superior offers in concrete pontoons. It builds on the successful Elite System that is renowned for the strength of its concrete deck and adds concrete barrier walls, or full structural walls depending upon the application. For more information visit the Super Elite Page

Super Elite Pontoon tech sheet.


Global industry recognition an honour

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Superior received an award at the Australian Marine Export & Superyacht Industry Awards held the week of the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.  It was an honour to receive an award for our achievements offshore.

Superior has been focussed on an export strategy for over a decade and we are involved in many international projects that are exciting and challenging. Currently we are working on multiple projects in China including one marina in Nanchang as well as work in Shanghai. Other projects include delivery of our Capri products to Malaysia and ongoing work in the Seychelles. New projects are in the pipeline in other parts of China and Fiji.

The AIMEX Awards were held to reward the outstanding achievements of Australian marine industry exporters and the Australian superyacht industry manufacturers and service providers. Superior was recognised for the category ‘Best Marine Industry Export Marketing Strategy’.  Superior has used a strategy of attending international exhibitions to establish a network of dealers and licensees.  These local contacts are then able to offer fast services with a quality proven product either built in Australia, or locally using Superior designs and project management.  Such innovation has expanded the reach of the company, which now offers value into markets once deemed to difficult to service.

The award was welcome recognition for the significant commercial and government projects we have undertaken around the world including marinas, jetties, ferry terminals, piling and resort aquatic areas.

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Fire Hose Reel Thing

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Superior has been building marinas for many years and the levels of safety have been improving as well. The fire safety devices are much more prevalent these days and the most visible item is the fire hose reel. These are installed less than 40 metres apart on most marinas and they serve an important early response purpose. Over the years when these devices are placed ready and waiting, the hose and reel components are subjected to the punishing elements of the sun, rain and wind.

In response to the damage caused by the elements there has been an effort to make some covers from PVC fabric which itself is subject to UV damage. Therefore Superior has produced an answer, The Superior Hose Reel Cover. (HRC).

This innovative product is manufactured from tough durable polyethylene which is the same material used for impact resistant road barriers where they have to endure years of service out in the elements. The fire engine red covers have been designed with a distinctive fire hose reel shown on the outer to preserve the instant recognition needed in an emergency event.

The Superior HRC also features handy hand holds to lift off the cover quickly, a slot that allows the cover to slide down over the water supply pipe and a safety clip that prevent unintentional winds blowing the unit off into the water. With research Superior has ensured that this unit will fit the reel assemblies off all of the major suppliers of fire hose reels. This means the unit adds style to the commercial installations of all fire hose reels in major building, industrial plants as well as marinas worldwide.

The product will be launched at the upcoming Marine13 show in Sydney on April 28, 2013. Enquiries from non marine distributors are welcome as we believe this is a must have accessory for long term protection of this vital infrastructure component to fire safety. Purchase the fire hose reel cover online Fire Hose Reel Cover

Fire Hose Reel Marinas


Frozen marinas in Korea

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Every time I visit Korea it is an amazing experience.  This is from the first interaction at the arrival hall of the Gimpo airport where I landed this time.  I love the pride people take in their jobs.  Drivers of taxis and buses wear gloves and are very respectful, kind and helpful.  When the driver of the luxury limousine bus bows to the passengers before he commences the journey, it makes you feel as if you are in good hands.  That stated, even good drivers do not make up for the massive traffic snarls in this city of 12 million people.  There is no such thing as a short car trip.

The hotel where meetings were held was the Hotel Lotte World in Jamsil which is a mini DisneyWorld lookalike.  The complex is huge with department stores, hotel, amusement park and over the road work has started on the Lotte Tower that will be over 100 stories.  After working with Lotte in Australia on the Salacia Waters project we know the horsepower in this organisation and visiting the scale of their projects here in Korea only reinforces this reputation.

In the hotel there are many small innovations that we are not familiar with in Australia.  There is a complimentary mobile phone provided in the room for use while in the hotel (this makes up for our phones not working here).  In the Korean BBQ restaurant they use wood coals to cook the delicious food. Over each table there is a stainless steel 100mm pipe that electronically lowers to extract any fumes.  Each detail seems well thought out here and this design element although coming from a different culture really does show a commitment to the total customer experience.  I would still rather see a bar in the hotel, but I guess I can learn to Karaoke instead once in awhile.

A visit to the Han River showed the extremely harsh conditions that our marinas experience here.  The Capri marina frames are frozen solid into the river and the polyethylene floats have endured this for a number of seasons now.  Floating products will endure freezing in still water. It will not work if the structure is in the wrong place where an entire ice floe can break free and shift under windy conditions.  The power of thousands of tons of ice moving, forms ice mountains that make beautiful sculpture and also it destroys marinas!



Boat shows or Boat sales?

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The topic for this week’s blog refers to a favourite saying from Mark at Superior whenever we are at a Boatshow. His point is that we are there to do a complete job not just to “show” boats and associated equipment. This means we tell people all about the joys of boating and how families can benefit from this. Once people understand the whole experience, then an opportunity may exist to supply our products. The lesson is to amaze our customers with the service and information first, then things can happen if the value proposition is correct.

This week we are preparing to support a couple of great upcoming shows. The Gold Coast International Marine Expo is on November 2nd to 4th, and Superior is assisting with berthing for the on water display. Superior Jetties will also have a display on land and water with ski docks, pontoons, SUPs and Sunstream Boat Lifts.
The organisers have pulled off a major coup with the Roulettes air display on at the show, so come on out and experience all the marine industry has to offer. It will be entertaining.

The next show we sponsor is the Marine13 conference in Sydney next year from April 28th to 30th, 2013. This promises to be a great event with a complete offering never seen before in Australia. The event will have all of the peak industry organisations joining together for the first time to present one big conference with many sub streams of interest provided. The national marina body MIA will be there as well as BIAA which represents every boating association, as well as the marine safety organisations. As well as great networking and genuine industry information there are also new awards being presented. The Australian Marina Awards have been expanded now to 12 categories and there is now one for marina construction.

Some of the event details have been released now with guest speakers being added.

There are still exhibitor spaces open and this is a real opportunity to cover all the players in one venue.

There are also tours planned for international visitors to attend after the conference such as marinas on Sydney Harbour.

These events are the opportunity to interact with our customers and we look forward to seeing you there.


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