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I recently attended the Marine13 conference held in Sydney on April 28th. A pleasant surprise ensued with the bestowing of an honorary Certified Marina Professional (CMP) award presented by Mick Bettsworth, the Chairman of the GMI ( Global Marina Institute ). To become “Certified” I thought I had better check on the background, and any roles and responsibilities that I may have now inherited. The marina industry has long held the CMM or Certified Marina Manager, as the pinnacle of the industry career path where recipients are acknowledged as professionals with practical and business prowess. The CMP is the equivalent for those professionals in the industry that support and supply the products used in marinas.

Those who have read the odd blog of mine will know of my love of music as well and In particular I love great guitars, and guitarists. I am regularly questioned by my family why I need more than one if I can only play one at a time! My favourite Aussie guitarist is Tommy Emmanual AM, an absolute virtuoso, a Maton (Aussie guitar made in Victoria) player, and an all round good bloke. At the last concert I attended he had the audience in his hands from start to finish. He is also a Certified Guitar Player (CGP), and award given to him personally by Chet Atkins in 1999, his childhood hero. The award states ” in recognition of his contribution to the art of fingerpicking “. For Tommy being one of only 4 in the world with a CGP award from Chet one of the leaders of all guitar music, this is a high point in his career. (Listen to some great finger picking from Tommy and Chet )

So when I reflect on a life’s work, on making the world a better place, and providing enjoyment through access to boating, I think a little bit like Tommy. What a wonderful career to do something you love everyday, in an industry surrounded by great people who have become your friends. And when a group of those peers stand up and say you are Certified, I feel happily content. Perhaps on the other hand, they were really telling me I am getting a little crazy……:)


Marine13 Conference success in Sydney

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Last week Superior sponsored and attended the Marine13 conference in Sydney with more than 450 delegates. The group comprised marinas, boating industry businesses and boating safety professionals. With an innovative format there were multiple streams running for each area after the initial plenary sessions, which meant there was something for everyone. In fact it was often difficult to chose what to attend as simultaneous sessions meant you missed some great speakers. For this reason the presentations have been placed online at marine13.com

Superior had its commercial team there as usual and it is always fun to catch up with old friends in the industry. The MIA Marina Awards were a highlight with winners list impressive. Our clients at Royal Prince Alfred YC received their Gold Anchor flag and in general it was a celebration of all that is good in the industry. It seemed an upbeat crowd with more interest in capital projects than recent years meaning boat occupancy rates must be improving.

One of the stand out messages was the need for us all to embrace the mix of online sales with traditional brick and mortar operations. John Winning from Appliances Online was an inspirational speaker who showed with commitment to great customer service a winning online strategy can give excellent service and no longer is this channel a cheap option. We will learn from this advice as we offer new improved services over the coming year.

Finally it was the season for awards with the Global Marina Institute (GMI) awarding two honorary Certified Marina Professional certificates; one to John Spragg from Bellingham Marine, and one to yours truly. And while on the topic of “Spraggy” I want to wish my fellow director and sponsor of MIA a hearty congratulations on his Lifetime Achievement Award as well.


Fire Hose Reel Thing

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Superior has been building marinas for many years and the levels of safety have been improving as well. The fire safety devices are much more prevalent these days and the most visible item is the fire hose reel. These are installed less than 40 metres apart on most marinas and they serve an important early response purpose. Over the years when these devices are placed ready and waiting, the hose and reel components are subjected to the punishing elements of the sun, rain and wind.

In response to the damage caused by the elements there has been an effort to make some covers from PVC fabric which itself is subject to UV damage. Therefore Superior has produced an answer, The Superior Hose Reel Cover. (HRC).

This innovative product is manufactured from tough durable polyethylene which is the same material used for impact resistant road barriers where they have to endure years of service out in the elements. The fire engine red covers have been designed with a distinctive fire hose reel shown on the outer to preserve the instant recognition needed in an emergency event.

The Superior HRC also features handy hand holds to lift off the cover quickly, a slot that allows the cover to slide down over the water supply pipe and a safety clip that prevent unintentional winds blowing the unit off into the water. With research Superior has ensured that this unit will fit the reel assemblies off all of the major suppliers of fire hose reels. This means the unit adds style to the commercial installations of all fire hose reels in major building, industrial plants as well as marinas worldwide.

The product will be launched at the upcoming Marine13 show in Sydney on April 28, 2013. Enquiries from non marine distributors are welcome as we believe this is a must have accessory for long term protection of this vital infrastructure component to fire safety. Purchase the fire hose reel cover online Fire Hose Reel Cover

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