The 5 Quick Tips of berthing

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1 The Obvious
Ensure there is sufficient depth of water at all tides in an environment that is without waves or swell.  In fact if there is wave action in excess of 300mm the location is most unsuitable for the permanent berth.

2 The Limit
To ensure the vessel is well secured a berth such as a fixed or floating structure should be at least 80% of the length of the vessel.  If this is not possible then the distance can be augmented by a mooring pile that supports the vessel in association with the berth.

3 The Wind
The primary thought is always the safety of the vessel and to this end the owner will always wonder what forces can impact this safe harbour.  In all of the calculations of current or berthing impacts it is the power of the wind upon the sail area of the vessel that must be resisted by the lines and cleats.

4 The Spring Line 
This is the diagonal one running longitudinally bow to stern.  This should be as long as possible.  It will prevent the vessel moving forward and aft along the dock face.

5 Ropes

Lines should be used to their maximum length wherever possible as this allows more stretch to be applied initially as well as less chance of breaking under strain.  In poor weather double lines is done before a storm, and even direct to piles if in doubt about the cleat strength.


Day Two Superior Boat show shines

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Welcome to Day 2 of the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.  We had a good crowd on day one with bright sunshine and glorious weather. There was also plenty of interest in Superior’s floating stand with the stunning Bentley GTC V8 convertible floating on our Elite Deck pontoon catching everyone’s eye.  The amazing Sunstream Float Lift also drew plenty of interest as it demonstrated the quick getaway available for the James Bond style Pegiva water craft on show.  The Superior stand has been popular as visitors come past and view the array of products we have on show including our jet ski dock, pipe floats, Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs), Fire Hose reel covers and the new to Australia Seaflex pontoon anchoring system. Our team have been kept busy talking with customers and industry clients and attending the various networking event functions including AMIEX and Club Marine last night. Make sure you drop in and see us over the weekend . We are doing special boat show deals on our float lifts and a two for one offer on SUPs. We’ll keep you updated over the next three days on what’s happening over Show weekend.


Boyne Tannum Hook Up Great Success

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Last weekend’s Boyne Tannum Hookup took place in glorious weather with almost 30,000 people attending the popular fishing competition on Queensland’s Curtis Coast near Gladstone. More than 300 boats competed in the competition over the weekend making use of the new Superior pontoon system to launch and retrieve their craft. The boat ramp pontoon was destroyed in the devastating Queensland floods a couple of months ago and the user facilities at Bray Park were critical to the success of the competition. Superior worked in partnership with Gladstone Regional Council to reinstate the pontoon system in record time for the event after there was doubt it could proceed.

Organisers were over the moon with the result with many locals commenting the new system was better than the one it replaced!

Superior also donated four Stand Up Paddleboards, manufactured at our rotomoulding plant on the Gold Coast, to raise money for charity. The SUPs were very popular and Superior is pleased to have been able to support this great community event.


Superior has future pumping

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This week proved very busy as the Superior team rolled out another SuperiorWORK integrated pump platform for the mining industry. Over the years the basic frame on floats to support a pump has evolved and now the in house designs are quite sophisticated. We find ourselves drawing on the 25 years of experience to make the systems rugged yet user friendly to assemble in remote locations where a guaranteed outcome is essential.

The client is often several tiers up from us so we start by gaining a detailed understanding of the needs and this is then engineered into the plans. In this case it entailed a double electric centrifugal pump station, associated delivery pipe work and flow meters, control station location, gangway landing, cable management and temporary flotation for delivery to final positioning. All of these components had to float level and this was proven in a water test prior to shipment. The four separate pontoon units were attached using the Superior elastomeric hinge system.

There has also been a simultaneous delivery of marine works for the WICET project in Gladstone with Monadelphous Muhibbah Marine (MMM). SuperiorWORK supplied, fabricated, surface treated and delivered two steel pontoons, aluminium gangways and landings with quality assurance documentation. The challenge of rotating the 20 tonne pontoons for positioning of efficient welding was handled with purpose built lifting assemblies attached to either end of the pontoons. Phil’s Cranes did the rest with careful efficient rotations on a 12 hour basis as required.

The delivery of these projects from the Gold Coast has been a team effort with many companies assisting Superior to be successful in the ENR (Energy Natural Resource) sector. As we have diversified, we have seen opportunities throughout our supply chain to add value in this sector. An example is the painting, assembly and water testing of product that was ably handled at the Boat Works facility at Coomera. This is gratifying to see the marine industry expertise able to expand our relevance into new markets where we can provide value.



Chinese partners visit Superior HQ

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It has been a pleasure in the last week to host our joint venture partners from Superior Jetties China on the Gold Coast and give them a real insight into our operations. We especially want to thank the guys for giving up their Chinese New Year time with their families.

Superior Jetties China’s Peter Xu and Wang Feng are here to familiarise themselves with our manufacturing techniques spending time with our team learning our processes and systems and various aspects of production. Peter is the director of our China JV and Wang is operations manager.

Superior Jetties China trades as “Shen Bo Jin” in China and recently completed the NanChang Marina in Jaingxi Province. The Chinese have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline which include the installation of the concrete Elite pontoon and Capri range of Superior products.  Our concrete marina systems bring a new standard of flotation to the market with its low maintenance ideally suited to the region.


Sharing the excitement of boating

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When boating is mentioned, it instantly evokes leisurely images of adventure and fun, which is part of a feeling many boating and fishing enthusiasts are well aware of: the call of the ocean, and its limitless opportunities.

A saying that comes to my mind and sums up this is one from famous Captain and Ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau: “The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”.

I remember the first time my dad took me fishing as a kid on the lagoon in front of my grandparent’s house, back home. The feeling was amazing and priceless: the breeze on my face, the fresh droplets of seawater spraying past and the promise of a good time made it all a unique, enduring experience.

However every potential new boat owner will tell you that acquiring a boat is only part of the equation and that before you can let the adventure and leisure begin, there is a lot of preparation and setting up to do.

It all starts with a very important question: Where and how will my new boat be safely moored?

If you live on a canal or by the river, Superior is here to make this easy for you, by assisting in your pontoon, boat lift or jetty needs.  We want to share the pleasure and experience of boating by delivering the safest, most durable and environmentally friendly boat mooring solution so you can appreciate the joys of on water entertainment with the peace of mind that your new investment is safe and secure when you are not using it.


Gold Coast International Marine Expo

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This Friday 2nd of November, the second annual Gold Coast Marine Expo kicks off at the Gold Coast City Marina, Coomera. The three day event wraps up on Sunday and is held at Australia’s largest boat manufacturing plants and shipyard facility.

Dubbed “The Working Boat Show”, the Expo’s main focus is to provide a non-for-profit event to the greater community, organised by the industry for the industry. The show is a little different than most boat shows. Sure you can still see some spectacular vessels as it has adopted an international reputation with brands from all aver the world exhibiting, however it also educates the public about many different facets of the boating industry.

A lot of planning by the Leigh-Smith Team has gone into this event and it’s guaranteed to e bigger and better than last year. RAAF Roulettes will be performing daily, on-water exhibitions and more than 200 marine brands will be on display. Exciting demonstrations such as the Yamaha Supertank Travelling Fishing Show (giving you an insight of the underwater world seen throughout the eyes of a fish) and how to provide maintenance for your vessel’s steering systems workshops are just two examples of the diverse activities that will delight the whole family during this exceptional event. A family focused Saturday night Club Marine Shipyard party will be hosted as well to further cater for grown ups and small ones.

Superior will be supporting the Show this year and we will be installing about 40 metres of our Capri pontoon system for additional on-water exhibitor space. Additionally, we have planned an exciting array of land and water displays with Jet Ski docks, pontoons, SUP’s and Sunstream Boat Lifts. This guarantees to be entertaining, as there will be regular demonstrations of our products all day long. Preparations are well on the way, as we want to repeat the success of last year and offer visitors an exceptional experience.

So come down and say hi to the Superior Team; it’s free parking and entry all three days and the show is open 9am-5pm daily. We look forward to another great Expo and we’re sure you and the family will have a great day out.


The berth of a new marina finger

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We have always looked for ways to make marine berthing easier for boaties. I love being on the water and remember my early attempts at boating when I really thought I had learned a lot about how to handle the vessel except when it came time to berth. I always loved the fact that the fuel dock had massive fenders, so even if I stuffed up a bit, the crash could not be heard by the punters up at Fishos pub. In fact like all boaties, the berthing task proved worrisome at first. I had to learn fast as my good friend Ron D’Albora had assigned me berth B23 right in front of a packed bar spilling over with judgemental gazes as we returned on a Sunday afternoon. Add to that a boatlift to navigate into as well, with 300mm on each side and the challenge and stress rose yet again.

As is usual your mates will always assist. I had good advice from my son Ryan ( the skipper) who said “just drive it as you can’t steer if you aren’t moving.”. The other great tip was from my mate Matt, who said, don’ t worry too much if you ding it, as it is only gelcoat and it’s fixable.

Over the years you do improve with practice. However sometimes wind and current conspire to still place your boat in an awkward spot, one in which you never intended to be. One of the worst of these is half way into a finger when you realize that contact is going to occur, whether you keep going in or out!

After being caught before we decided that our marine berths should be naturally soft on the vessel berthing surface and be somewhat forgiving of life’s nautical nuances. Therefore we added the Superior fender that makes the whole surface a shock absorber. However we still had the end of the finger that was an exposed risk area, with an angular shape just waiting to record every error with a sharp groove in your hull.

Therefore the FINGERTIP was born, and berths got better. Marinas now have arms, fingers and at last, fingertips. On the new project in progress at Capri on Via Roma we have featured all the fingers with beautifully moulded ends ready to guide boats into their berthing position. Darren, Dan and Steve in our factory have been crafting these Fingertips and they add a functional stylish statement to the facility.

This is design evolution with a need leading to better outcomes. Let me know if you want a set of Superior Fingertips at your marine berth.