Abell Point Marina restoration on time, on budget!

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This week marks the completion of the on-water restoration project at Abell Point Marina in the wake of the Tropical Cyclone Debbie. In the immediate aftermath, 20% of the on-water berthing at Abell Point was damage amounting to approximately 120 berths in this 507-wet berth marina. In a coordinated effort between Superior Jetties, CGU Insurance and Oceanic Marine Risk, the restoration works commenced 3 April, a mere five days after the cyclone passed over the Whitsundays.

In the initial stages of the project a team of volunteers from BIA (Boating Industry Australia) Queensland, arrived on-site to assist with the make-safe stage of the restoration project. Experienced marine trades personnel from marina managers, to pontoon specialists arrived on-site, including representatives from Superior Jetties to offer support and assist with commencing repair works.

Within days a temporary walkway for L Arm and the marina’s fuel dock was fitted, and by week six the walkway had been replaced for new.

With considerable coordination between the Superior Jetties and marina team, commercial operators and private vessels were relocated to the south marina for the pontoon replacement works to commence. Abell Point Marina is the busiest commercial marina in the region and with the Whitsunday region being so reliant on the tourism sector, a priority for the project was to ensure minimal disruption to the marina’s on-water tourism operations whilst the repair works commenced.

Superior Jetties, Project Manager, Ryan Hogan remarked of the project, “This project has been the culmination of our team down south working some very long hours to produce a fantastic product; and outstanding subcontractors who went above and beyond to get the marina operational again. It’s been a real pleasure to work in North Queensland again and with a client that’s dedicated to running a truly world class marina. This has definitely been the best project team I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

From initial damage assessment, to temporary repairs around the marina, from demolition of debris to piling works and the manufacture/ transportation and installation of the new arms – H/ J/ K/ F/ G and A – the team coordinated by Superior Jetties worked tirelessly to restore the marina to 100% capacity. Mr Hogan goes on to give a special mention to services provided throughout the project by Orca Marine Services, Proserpine Electrical, Whitsunday Drainage Contractors and Pacific Marine Group.

With a busy cruising season scheduled, the launch of a new Abell Point Flight Collection from the marina’s heli-pads and the opening of their floating customer lounge Ocean Club, the timing of the project completion was essential to ensure business as usual. To round off a challenging year and give cause for celebration, Abell Point Marina took out the coveted Marina of the Year Award at the Marine17 conference in August.

Luke McCaul, General Manager, Abell Point Marina explains “To have the pontoons replaced and operational in time for our cruising season was essential for the marina, but also for the region. The Whitsundays has bounced back from this weather event in record time and the natural environment around the islands is following suit.” Mr McCaul goes on to say “The start of the year was a challenging time for the marina team including our valued operators and tenants, but the future is looking bright and the completion of the project on time and on budget is a credit to the hard work and commitment of the team, our contractors and our relationship with our insurers.”

The entire restoration project has been captured by Superior Jetties in short video


Enhancing the Gold Coast waterways

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The Gold Coast Waterways Authority has been a quiet achiever since it was established in 2012 with the mandate to “Sustain, Enhance and Promote” the Gold Coast’s most significant natural asset.

Led by CEO, Hal Morris the GCWA has a budget of $30 million and a 10 year strategy aimed at improving access to our waterways through channel maintenance such as dredging and providing waterways destinations.

In the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the work of the GCWA will become crucial, driven by organisers and stakeholders who believe the Broadwater and waterways will be as important to the Commonwealth Games as Sydney Harbour was to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Recently, we were among a cross section of stakeholders surveyed in the GCWA Statutory Review, conducted by an independent company to ascertain the effectiveness of its work. As boat owners, residents and avid users of the Gold Coast waterways we were happy to provide feedback on the improved access, the continuing health of the waterways, and a budget used wisely.

Results are expected this month, but by all accounts, it has been unanimously positive. This is largely due to Hal Morris and his dedicated team with the vision, nous and experience gained from backgrounds in government and private enterprise.

I recently spoke with Hal and the team at GCWA about the objectives for 2016 and they identified: Channel Maintenance works at Cabbage Tree Point, Jacobs Well, Tipplers Passage, North Channel, South Channel and South Wavebreak Island and Biggera Creek.

Also on the list of priorities are upgrades to the Seaway Kiosk, Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 boat ramp and floating walkway, Surfers Riverside River Edge Treatment, Major Navigation Aids Maintenance project throughout waterways network, Tipplers Passage Infrastructure upgrades, and the Coomera Dredge Sediment Management Facility.

The majority of this work is accessible to all residents and visitors to the Gold Coast, whether boaties on the water or day trippers by the water. Queensland governments past and present should be congratulated for their recognition of the worth, in terms of tourism and intrinsic value to the aquatic lifestyle we enjoy on the Gold Coast.


The Waterways Management Program 2015-2019 is available at www.gcwa.qld.gov.au

Hal Morris CEO GC Waterways Authority



Broadwater Southport Rotary Club breakfast meeting speech

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This morning I had the pleasure of addressing the Broadwater Southport Rotary Club and sharing the Superior story.  It was especially enjoyable as the venture was the deck of the Southport Yacht Club with the brand new Waterscape by Superior bar floating behind as as a backdrop, complete with a Horizon 75 foot yacht moored to it.  The club has a committed membership and I was impressed by the amount of community work that they are doing.

They are working on the Kokoda Beach run coming up in July which is the only totally beach run event in Australia, with only Rio de Janiero being the other city to host such an event.  As Australia’s “beach city”, this has to be an event worthy of your support.  The other activity the club is doing, is at the old Southport hospital site where they have saved the chapel that is over 100 years old and relocated it to the Broadwater Parklands where all will be able to be enjoy by all for years to come.  We look forward to supporting this chapel project with some new Superior Edge handrails and commend the project it to all.

It is amazing to meet new people on the Gold Coast and realise that such good works are happening right before our eyes from people who wish to serve and contribute to our community.  Thank you Rotary!!


GCWA Speed Limit Survey & Camera Monitoring Waterways

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This week John Hogan discusses the new survey available from Gold Coast Waterways Authority to have your say on proposed speed limit changes for some of the Gold Coast waterways. He also talks a bit about the new cameras monitoring hot spot waterway areas across the Gold Coast.


Gold Coast Marine Expo 2013

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CEO John Hogan talks about the upcoming Gold Coast Marine Expo on the 1, 2, 3 November 2013 and what you can expect to see and do at the show. To view our stand location click here Stand number 75 next to Pacific Motor Yachts Office.

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