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The title of this weeks blog is our Vision at Superior. The simple three words express a lot about us and serve as a reminder of what we do. The vision is the catch cry of our longer mission statement where we commit to “Provide flotation with sustainable solutions to support work, play and life.”

The transition of Superior from a specialist provider of marine berths into a multi disciplined flotation specialist has been a gradual broadening of scope brought about by two things. Firstly our natural imaginative flair that is part of our culture means we will “have a go” if we think we can help a customer. That led to diversification which during recent economic slow downs has proved invaluable. We have already diversified into the industrial flotation arena with pump pontoons, floating walkways and pipe floats under the brand SuperiorWORK. The next stage will see environmental flotation that provides living space, solar power generation, food and water improvement systems.

This all gives us lots of opportunity and an exciting future.

We recently prepared a list of our brand values that we use to filter all of our decisions. The acronym is simple as it tells you what TIPE of service you will receive when you call us. The values are:
Trust – we commit to provide honest dealings from a team you know you can trust.
Imaginative – we always try to find new ways to create value for the customer in our solutions.
Personal – our service will be provided by individuals who take pride in their role and take personal care of you.
Exceptional – we strive to provide an exceptional product in terms of both quality and service.

We look forward to serving you.

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