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Premium Floating Pontoon Solutions

At Superior Jetties, we specialise in crafting top-quality concrete floating pontoon solutions. No matter the size of your watercraft, our expertly designed pontoons offer stability, durability, and versatility. Explore our range of floating pontoons to find the perfect fit for your waterfront needs. Superior Jetties, the leading marine manufacturers of concrete premium pontoon solutions.

Piled, Cable, Strut and Black Series

Superior Jetties’ residential pontoons all offer quality, style, elegance and durability. Clients can choose from a number of options in regard to the style and type of pontoon, as well as the manner in which the pontoon is secured.

Elite™ Pontoons are a heavier duty option for when a robust pontoon is required, which feature a heavy duty concrete deck (which can be carpeted or brushed) finished with a custom aluminium waler. The Elite™ pontoons are available in three connection types, piled pontoons, strut pontoons and cable pontoons. The pontoons connection method depends on location, traffic and seabed conditions, ask our team today for more information on our pontoons.

The Capri™ Pontoon option has rotomoulded flotation and the deck can be finished with timber or a composite surface, both of which offer opportunities for a finish that can be tied into the look of the adjacent property.

Superior’s SMD™ (Superior Modular Dock) system offers a very cost effective option made from rotomoulded polyethylene modules that are durable, UV stabilised, tough and slip resistant and can be configured into a variety of shapes and applications.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Superior Eco Tile is now available for existing and new gangways, pontoons and platforms.

Waterscape¹ by Superior is a new release option that focuses as much or more on waterfront living and entertainment, rather than just for berthing a vessel. Waterscape is a collaborative design effort that has resulted in an award winning, visually arresting and architecturally pleasing option in its versatility and enhancement of home value. Customised pontoon furniture specifically for Waterscape is also available.

Both Elite and SMD pontoons can incorporate out of water/ dry berthing options for vessels and pontoons can be secured by piles, tethers, cables or struts.

¹ Patent Pending


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